Oil Change deal by East Palatka Tire Brake and Lube - East Palatka, FL

Customer service and prices are unbeatable.

Needless to say, i will not trust them for anything again so I have to pay a real shop to fix my pitman arm issue (again).

Trust me, i'm a local resident, businessman who is not in the car repair business. I truly want my friends and neighbors to see this shop for what it is. Don't go to East Palatka Tire, Fake and Lube , i mean East Palatka tire, brake and lube for any reason! They will do shoddy work and try to overcharge you whenever possible (in my opinion based on the incredibly poor experience i've had with them). Also, while i was waiting there a couple other customers stopped in to complain.. wish i'd of taking that warning for what it was and ran before he screwed my truck all up!

Avoid this shop even if it means you'll have to walk or call a tow truck to take your vehicle elsewhere! I brought in a old pick up truck and they lied and robbed me with shoddy workmanship. To top it off when i tried to talk to the "manager" (stretch to call him that) Daryl, he got mad at me like it was my fault that his mechanics lied and said they changed parts they didn't change, installed a pitman arm wrong so now my steering wheel blocks the gauges so you can't see them when your driving and lastly quoted me 250 for a master cylinder r/r to make up for the "redo" he was facing for free on the pitman arm! (I called around Daryl and not one of your competitors in Palatka charged more then 150 for that master cylinder r/r).

I didn't think they could help me with my car, but they did a very good job and gave me reasonable prices for the part and installation, including a warranty on the part.

They've never overcharged or cheated me in any regards and are very friendly.

This place has never steered me wrong, they always told me what was wrong with my vehicle and exactly what it needed.

Took my car to several other "mechanics" non that could tell me what was wrong. East Palatka Tire's TECHNICIAN was able to find and repair the problem. Price was outstanding, even after all the time spent on my car. The whole staff was very helpful. If I ever need them in the future I will return. I will recommend co-workers and family. Thank You Floyd, and East Palatka Tire Brake and Lube.

My first time letting a shop work on my truck was a week ago at east palatka tire. They did a great job. They're prices are definitely better than anyone around here. I buy all my used tires from these guys I know a bunch of them personally these are truley some great people. This guy with the negative review obviously doesn't know these people and how great of people they really are.

Absolutely amazing people! They truly care about their customers and are always honest! I'll never go any where else! I must say that I am absolutely surprised by the previous reviews. Please be sure to go and see that their "manager" is no longer there and you almost always get to speak with the owner. I asked to see if a tune up was needed and instead of just doing it; they checked and verified that all of my spark plugs were in excellent condition. Tiny and Debbie have the biggest heart and I have never heard of them lying to their customers. I have had horrible experiences at other places around Palatka and I'm thankful that they've opened this shop! If you give them the opportunity, they will not disappoint!

They have great prices and great personalities! Ask for Dustin he helped us get a great deal on four tires and I am sending my family to get their tires from here too!

This place sucks took my 02 gmc sonoma here for brake work took them 3 days and $600 to do it blew out a brake line less than 24 hours later. Took truck back they replaced line than couldnt bleed brakes and told me i needed an abs module which i did not need Took truck to auto barn in palatka where that mechanic told,me eptbl used not legal brake line fittings single flared brake lines not double and made a mess of everything when i called,to ask eptbl about this he sail he fired the guy who did work on my truck but no refund and my truck is still busted DO NOT GO HERE RIP OFF wish i could give lower rating than 1 star. Work done on truck march of 2016 PLACE SUCKS HARD