Restaurants deal by Wilshire's Restaurant - Georgetown, KY

Wilshire's combines quality food with an historic atmosphere. Located in the historic home of Gen. John Payne, the original structure was constructed in 1790. The 11 room house provides ample space for small groups, weddings, business luncheons and holiday gatherings. The menu offers a diverse selection of comfort foods, soups, salads, steaks and seafood. The bar has a very large selection of Kentucky's finest bourbons and local brews. Wilshire's is very family friendly and features ample parking.

Friday night was the Absolute worst experience of my life at a restaurant!! Wilshire's in Georgetown. They knew of our large party (54) plus their regular Friday night crowd and they still only had two waitresses to take orders. We were there at 7 and didn't get our food until 10:15 pm and we still had to pay for our food. Which at that point I wasn't even hungry anymore as I was so irritated. Even my 4 yr old didn't get his food until then. The owner didn't care, sat on the wall the entire time and shook his beer bottle to the waitresses when he wanted them to bring him another. I'm sure that "thank you" is not even in this man's vocabulary. He was rude to his customers, rude to his staff, and I bet it is common practice for him. He even kicked one of our parties off their table and started gathering their things so he could sit someone else down who had just gotten there. I felt sorry for the waitresses. We told them how rude he was and all they could say was "I'm sorry". Sad when someone else has to apologies for other peoples actions. He puts his pants on like everyone else, he is no better and that doesn't give him the right to talk or treat people the way that he did. It is sad when you go to him and tell him how bad the service was and that we would never be back and all he says is "We don't want you back anyway". Who says that? Business must be good for him that he doesn't need anymore. Word of mouth goes a long way buddy!