Restaurants deal by Da Vinci Little Italian - Hopkinsville, KY

Restaurants deal by Da Vinci Little Italian - Hopkinsville, KY

Small, family owned place that packs a big bite into a huge value.

The food is outstanding! They have wonderful bread and dipping sauce with olive oil and herbs. The white pizza is to die for. Love the thin crust! Every dish is authentic. I would recommend this to anyone. It is not a fancy place, just a great local place to dine. They are moving to a new location soon (two doors down) and I’m sure the restaurant will be much bigger then.

The service was awlful. The food taste like it was frozen. The chef was rude will never go bac again!

This place is the best for Italian in these parts. I won't even bother going to some place like Olive garden any more because there is an authentic Italian chef working in the kitchen of this restaurant. They're a little heavy on the olive oils and sauces, but if you're hungry, this is an excellent spot for a little Italian soul food.

I am in LOVE with their fettichini alfredo! It is the BEST!! Just placed a to go order from there! I wish I could eat there everynight! :) This place has amazing food and a really nice staff

This place was SOO good! The food was great and the people are so friendly! The spaghetti bolognese is a definite must try!

The food was cooked fresh, with a flair not found at Olivegarden or other such Resturants.

The food is always fresh hot and wonderful!!! It's my fav place to go to eat no one thing on the menu did I not like chef was very nice he came to are table and asked how food was you must try this place!! I do hope the get better place soon thou to hold more people

This place is such a gem in our town. Hot, Fresh, Genuine Italian cuisine. Wonderful atmosphere. Awesome servers. Thumbs up to the chef. The Carbonara is "to die for"!