Restaurants deal by Starbucks Coffee - Lexington, KY


I’m writing this review in hopes that this is acknowledged by the business to become more efficient with their products, time, and employees' mannerisms

As I walked in there was no "hello" or "good morning". I get to the register the girl taking the order was very bland and to the point. I order an Artisan bacon sandwich along with my beverage. I stand waiting on my drink which took a few minutes (no big deal), but while waiting for my drink and sandwich I watch an employee (possibly a manager) take out two sandwiches from the oven...instead of walking them to the window he decides to chuck one at the drive-thru attendant- in which it falls to the ground. It seems to be nothing to pick the sandwich up and had it to the customer. I receive my drink the barista notices I'm still standing there and ask what I'm waiting on and I tell him. He goes to the oven and my sandwich is nearly burnt, from that they have to re-bake a sandwich... It wasn't a pleasant way to start my morning.

Staff is very fast and always professional and nice. Love this place.