Restaurants deal by Asiatique Restaurant - Louisville, KY

Restaurants deal by Asiatique Restaurant - Louisville, KY

award winning Asian inspired pacific rim cuisine with two rooms for private/corporate parties.

While the food was great -- the decor is less than stellar. The restaurant is on several levels. At level we were on, I felt we were in a diner -- 2 rows of black booth seats with the table so wide that we could not hold hands -- overlooking a partially finished, barely furnished deck. with the waiters zooming past us to go up and down the stairs.

I was really surprised when I walked throught the door, The exterior does not do it justice. The bar area is a really great design and sets the mood for the evening. We had brought out of town guests and we were sat on the level with the booths. It was raining and made a warm comfortable atmosphere in which to dine in. The drinks were quick and the selections were great. The food presentation matched the taste, excellent. I loved the atmosphere and walked to the other areas just for fun, they have a lounge on one level, the restrooms on another. I would definitly go again.

Asiatique offers some of the most creative Pacific inspired fusion dishes in country, not to mention Kentucky. The two signature dishes, the seared salmon with a slightly sweet and spicy chili tomato concass and the seared peppercorn crusted ahi tuna with its wasbi mirin sauce, rival some of the best seafood dishes in the country. One member of my party had lamb chops and another tenderloin beef medalion. Again, the dishes were original and damn good. Great bar and wine list. Funky, loungy bar atmosphere. Service: casual, yet spot on. I can't recommend it enough.

If you want something light or want to try out the food go for happy hour in the lounge - they habe GREAT specials you can find on the website (do a google search for asiatique for the website)

If it's warm enough sit outside - it makes you feel like you're in a bamboo forest.

Finally, keep in mind that Asiatique is a far cry from the corporate restaurant chains located on 4th street - it's locally owned and operated- I always prefer to give back to the community and thanks to Asiatique's exquisite menu and chef it's very enjoyable!

Be sure to try out their ribs- they are world famous.

If you're in town and want to treat yourself, friends, family, romantic interests, or business groups to a wonderful taste experience this is the place for you.

This type of place you'd expect to find in NYC, but it's hidden away off a main street in Louisville.

My waitress was great! The food was great! The wine list was great!

We have been attending this trade show for the last 10 years, and hands down, Asiatique is our favorite restaurant in Louisville, and we have been to several. Personally, in my opinion, I have yet to find a restaurant anywhere in the country offering such a wonderful taste experience. My hats off to the chef for a job well done. We certainly will return in 2007.

We were in Louisville in February of 2006. My wife and I had the good fortune to dine at Asiatique. We opted for one of the 5 course menus with the wine pairings. The food was just exquisite. Every course was a wonderful taste experience. I can?t put into words how satisfied we both were with the meal. Additionally, the wine complimented the food perfectly, adding to the experience.

After spending substantially more than twice the money to dine at one of Chicago's finest restaurants this weekend, I felt compelled to write this review, even though we dined here 9 months ago. Asiatique was just that good, and I live in Chicago.

Great Pacific rim food. The coctail menu is exceptional. Try the bloody mary!

Pen Looi does an outstanding job as the inovative chef for this fun and funky Pacific rim restaurant. They have super specials, and the infused vodkas for their drinks are great.

Opera , Red light , Arun's , are few names that come to mind of great Asian experiences in Chicago .The chef at asiatique could not get a job there as a busboy

This place is horrible , the food is overpriced and the sauce is the same on each and every insipid entree.The waiter was very rude and kept trying to sell us expensive wine , even after we all ordered beers.This place could not exist in Chicago ...the competition there is too immense .Unlike the first reviewer , who undoubtedly is a friend of the owner , Asiatique is simply not comparable to any restaurant in Chicago . For it simply cannot exist there.

The food is good, but the service is terrible. When we complained to the manager, he did not care one bit about our concerns. The restaraunt is also very loud and it is hard to have a conversation.

I absolutely love this place. Most downtown hotels highly recommend corporate clients to go eat there. They even have a cool texting club with nice deals. all you need to do to take advantage of this is text: asiatique to: 86677

This place is one of the best in all of Louisville! Are so nice! Theybtreated my whole family like royalty~! They even have a text club that sends 2 great deals a month to your cell phone. All you have to do is text: asiatique to: 86677

Asiatique is one of my favorite restaurants. They offer a unique dining experience not found anywhere else in Louisville. The menu is always evolving and I've never had a dish I didn't love. The tuna sashimi appetizer is outstanding and large enough for a light meal.