Restaurants deal by Long John Silver's - Maysville, KY

If that werent enough, I would like to know where the hushpuppies went ? I expect to have problems at restaurants from time to time, but not this much of a problem... I understand people make mistakes, and they were busy, however, there are timers to go buy when frying foods. As anyone, I expect what I pay for. It in no way has to be perfect, but give me at least over cooked food instead of undercooked. If even one of 30 calls would have been anhswered I would not come on here to post a negative review. I hope to speak with someone in the morning and they either give my money back or replace the meal.

Only to get home and dicscover that the Fish was not cooked completely, and there was no chicken in the Treasure Chest.

Spent over $30.00 to have dinner brought home as I am a single mother of 4 with 3 jobs and decided to take a night off of cooking...

Been trying to call for over 2 hours.. NOT HAPPY IN THE LEAST!