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Thank you for looking at our website. We have designed this site ourselves to try and make it easier for you to order over the phone and see first hand what we do to make each and every hamburger a sure delight to your tastebuds. Every restaurant usually has a concept in order for it to work and Just Hamburgers was designed by My father, Skip Parcell. He was a meat deptartment specialist (or butcher) at the time and saw the amount of ground beef that was being sold. Since he had a lot of restaurant experience in his background an idea came to him. If I can make and sell just hamburgers more affordable and tastier then any where else, then I have a shot at making this work. Well it did work for him, quite well! I (Jim Parcell) joined him in 1966, a year after he opened his first one. I was in high school and struggling with that, but took immediately to the business world. It was simple and it was working. My father sold that one 3 years later and started another Just Hamburgers in another town, located in Paxton, Il., Same concept and it took off. I purchased that one from him in 1977. Well, its been a fun ride! We have met a lot of wonderful and interesting people in our travels. My wife, Carol, and I have tried a lot of different things in the food business, but have ended up going back to what started it all. We are family owned and operated. Our son, Robert Waller is next in line to carry on the Just Hamburgers legacy, it will be the next family frying up those delicious cheeseburgers and all the other wonderful delights that we offer. This family guarantes to keep consistency in our product and also to help keep prices affordable to our customers. We would like to say Thank You to all of our customers. Without you we would not be Just Hamburgers!! Also, welcome to all of our new customers and please feel welcomed to ask any of us questions regarding the restuarant, one of us are there at all times.