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Appliance Dealership

So buyer beware, just because you buy local doesn't mean better service. Lesson learned here.

Bought a $1,000.00 Bosch washer and purchased a service contract 2 1/2 yrs. ago from the Brunswick store, I like to buy local thought I would get better service, I was extremely wrong. The washer broke, it took them 2 weeks to come out and look at it. Now I am being told the part is national back order and they have no Idea when the part might be in IF ever. They proceed to tell me its NORMAL to wait weeks even months appliance repaired. WHAT? I have never heard of such a thing. This inconvenience is unacceptable. I have emailed them twice with NO response. I call and left messages for the Service or Parts Manager and nobody calls back. The attitude I get is they really don't care, and that I can be inconvenienced and go to the laundry mat. I understand they have no control over the Manufacturing of the part However they DO have control of CUSTOMER SERVICE or LACK there of.