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Augusta Fuel Company provides air conditioning and refrigeration services. The company manufactures products to be used as fuel stabilizers that prevent the formation of gums and sludge. It offers portable combustion analyzers that are used in gas utility and weatherization applications. The company provides heating services through radiant and steam systems to commercial and residential business units. It has a staff of trained technicians that provides customer assistance services. The company provides plumbing, heating, installation and quality control services. In addition, the company conducts workshops and seminars and manufacturers training and in-house courses. The company also offers liquid propane gas that is used in cooking, heating and drying of clothes.

A Very Dissatisfied Customer

Sincerely ,

Bottom line, I'm not going to pay for oil that is not in my tank, it's unfortunate that this oil is unaccounted for, but in all honesty, it is not my problem. It has been over a week, and this issue has not been resolved. They are more focused on finding the oil (which they misplaced) rather than satisfying their customer. I understand it's business and that is a lot of money they have misplaced, but they will find the oil, they will never satisfy this customer.

If anyone in the Augusta area needs home heating oil I do not suggest getting it from Augusta Fuel Company. Poor management, lack of customer service skills, and their ability to disrespect customers is appalling. I pay for a service and I expect to get it (that's not asking too much). Mistakes happen in every business, human error is unavoidable, but it is the company's responsibility to make things right. Customer service certainly is not one of this company's strengths, we were spoken to rudely and unprofessionally, as if we were lying about the absence of oil in our tank that they claimed was there.

Be absolutely certain that you get a fee structure quote from this company before hiring them. I was charged a total of $270.00 for a few minutes over an hours' work to repair a bathtub faucet. $60.00 of which was for a diagnostic fee. Who knew a faucet that couldn't be shut off required a diagnostic fee?

If I could give no stars, I would. Horrible horrible customer service, snarky, snide people when you call for anything. They brag about their customer service and it's a joke. RUN, DO NOT WALK away from this company

Good to work with. the best quote on a new installation. the service guy was good, They gave some free stuff for a new customer.They seem to have their act in gear.

The prior reviews are old. I have been a customer for almost 4 years and have not had any issues. They are prompt and very courteous. I recently had an additional heat source installed and they were great!