Plumbers deal by Harley Plumbing & Heating Plus - Bangor, ME

Plumbers deal by Harley Plumbing & Heating Plus - Bangor, ME

Harley Plumbing & Heating in Bangor, Maine, is pleased to be your plumbing service. When our plumbing company was founded in 1978, our owner made the commitment to put quality first. Our state-licensed employees are professional and courteous, our work is top-notch, our process is efficient, and our final product is flawless.

You have the best employees! Everyone was wonderful to deal with, thanks for the great service. Dedham

we had a plumber from harleys come look at a leaky faucet, charged us 255.00 only to say he didnt know how to fix the problem,you would think if you hire a professional to do the job and pay that kind of a fee that you would get the problem fixed,, no more harley for me or our friends!!! terry stewart , glenburn me

Very overpriced and they never finished the job. Got no help from the owner never even an apology. Clearly a business owner with no business sense

I dropped by their office today, to see about having a new toilet installed. They said the price to install would be $296!!!!!!! I said, "you've got to be kidding!'. Needless to say, Harley Plumbing & Heating will never be doing any work for me.

If Harley doesn't do that kind of work, they should have said that on the phone. But I guess they couldn't whack me for the $95 if they did that. I wouldn't have minded the $95 if they had done something, anything, or even given me some referrals, there would have been value in that. But to do absolutely nothing, bill me and leave was a complete waste of my $95 bucks.

Called them to inquire about replacing my water main, it is in rough shape and the Water Co needs to replace the meter but they can't do it due to the condition of the main coming in. Talked to Harley, explained the situation and they setup an appointment to have somebody come over. The plumber arrived on time, was pleasant and seemed happy to answer questions, but on simply seeing the main he immediately announced that they do not do that kind of work, charged me $95 for the "service call" and left with no referrals or options.