Veterinarians deal by Bath-Brunswick Veterinary Associates - Brunswick, ME

Bath-Brunswick Veterinary Associates is an accredited full service general and referral hospital for small animals located in Brunswick, Maine. Our board-certified specialists provide treatment of all types of injury and illness. We also offer laser therapy. We offer state-of-the-art boarding facilities, day care and grooming services and a wide variety of pet food and supplies. Proudly serving Androscoggin, Cumberland and Sagadahoc Counties.

If you are looking for a Vet I strongly urge you to go elsewhere unless you like paying double and being scammed into repeated visits so they can hit you with more fees.

Finally, I was so upset over the bill I drove to the vet down the street and went in with my dog and the bill and asked them to tell me what they would charge and how they would proceed. Turns out several of the many ancillary charges on the bill they don't charge for at all (i.e. the non-specific ""Haz-Mat"" charge) or were included in the office visit charge, like the ear cleaning I mentioned above. To top it all off everything else was cheaper by a good 10% to 20%. After all was compared I figure I was almost double charged for the services obtained.

Most recently we went in for annual shots. Our dog goes in and comes out and we get almost $500 bill. What! Turns out they found some ear wax in his ear and decided to culture it, clean his ears further and give him medication for it. They said it was minor but just in case. Hello, how about talking with the owner. The cost of all this was over $100. We probably would have done it anyway but where is the communication?

Anyway, I have had it with this Vet and will not be going back ever. Over the past year I have become increasingly annoyed with the staff's deliberate efforts to spread the usual services accros multiple visits thus charing office visit fees for each visit when many of the services could eaily have been done in the same visit. When we asked about this they said sure we could do more in one visit but sometimes its more comfortable for the dog to spread it out. Hello how about discussing that with the OWNER!

Our Dog is just over a year old and is very healthy. It's not our first dog so I know generally what a dog will run you for Vet care.

We have used bath Brunswick veterinary hospital for all of our dogs and cats over the past 4 years. They have been there at the end of life for several of our very precious pet and then some of the best people on the planet. They have taken excellent care of our dogs and cats and I've always been more than willing to make payment arrangements when we couldn't afford to pay for their care right at the time but have never asked us to the way care on any occasion there prescription prices are overpriced but they're always willing to send a prescription over to Walmart for you that's the only reason I wouldn't give them 5 stars. We love them dearly and the part consider them to be part of our extended family.

We were referred to this office by an Emergency animal clinic. I made an appointment and explained to the woman specifically that I wanted my dog to be vaccinated and nothing else because we had just spent over 1,200 at the emergency place. All I wanted was to be charged for that and an office visit and asked her what the bill would be. She told me she couldn't say because she was unsure of what the vet would give my dog. My boyfriend ended up bringing him and we got charged 50 for an office visit and the vet did NOTHING to my dog. They knew he was not vaccinated and let him walk out of the door with no vaccinations, still. They have my boyfriend this bs story that they couldn't vaccinate him that day cause he was in between the stage of puppy shots and adult shots and said they would have to reschedule next week to get his shots. Does this make any sense? They just look for ways to get more money out of you. The male vet was also very impersonable according to my boyfriend. They also sent us home with a container to get a sample of my dogs feces to test it for parasites. They did nothing that I asked them to do so we will not be back. I strongly urge you to take your animals to Coastal Vet Care in Wiscasset and if you are looking for an emergency animal hospital, go to Lewiston Emergency Clinic on Strawberry Ave.

My fur babies were dirty, hungry and sick when I picked them up. After taking them to my own vet to find they had kennel cough which is contagious, called BBVA to inform and discuss if they would help with cost of treatment and NO WAY. There response was "we haven't had kennel cough here in a very long time" no concern for my pets or the well being of any other that had stayed with them. Protect your pet, find another place to go.

Melinda S is full of it!Yes there is kennel cough going around which can be picked up anywhere.They warn U before U drop off for boarding, grooming, &daycare.It's even on the news!With this information, it is up to U as the owner to make that call.In their boarding agreement which they have U read & sign before U leave your pets clearly states that they are not responsible if UR pets,lets say,get kennel cough.U chose to take that risk.As far as hungry,I call BS on that one too!Been using them for years & have only had the best of care.I think U exaggerate just to get a jab at them for a decision U made & to give false information.They even warned me when they called to confirm my vet appointment!Yes, they do have a smell to them when they come home,it is a dog kennel of course.They have always given clean up baths when necessary & have been open & honest about it.My only issue w/them so far is the woman w/the Sumo Wrestling hair,that looks terrible! I cringe every time I see her. Yuck!