Restaurants deal by Dunkin' - Madison, ME

Thumbs down new workers suck very rude

Seriously folks, I drive 50 minutes to work everyday with a cup of coffee in a regular mug not a travel mug without spilling a drop. When I ask for an iced coffee without a lid I can handle it. Don't take my inventory and don't over think your job. I won't be back.

My 10 year old daughter and I went in the morning of 2/1/2016. There was 3 staff standing there talking. They looked at us and continued their conversation. We waited & still NO SERVICE! We left unattended & UNHAPPY!! Not the first time we have had poor service.

Employees are too busy talking with each other to wait on customers and they never seem to get the orders right. Avoid this store.

Many times I don't get what I ordered and the costumer service is usually snippy and short. Not real friendly. I don't go very often.