Restaurants deal by Jimmy The Greek's Restaurant - Old Orchard Beach, ME

Had lunch there twice and it was very good. Went there for dinner tonight and it was the worse disaster I've ever had in a restaurant. I called three days ahead to make a reservation for the patio and explained that my husband is in a wheelchair and had to have a table on the floor as opposed to the high stool tables. We got there and had to wait for people to finish so they could put tables together for our party of five. They had our reservation, but hadn't made a note of the table request. They had someone who thought they could play acoustical guitar and it was so loud the waitress couldn't hear our orders. It was so loud that no one could carry on a conversation the entire time we were there. One hour and twenty minutes after ordering our food began to arrive one dish at a time. One person was almost done eating before I got my prime rib (which was one of the best ever). After waiting an hour for food we complained to the waitress and she brushed us off by saying they were backed up. When we were done the manager came over and apologized and gave us 25% off the bill and free desserts. I must say he tried to make it right, but it was too little too late. It ruined our week end. I'll probably go back for lunch sometime, but never again for dinner and certainly not on a week end. They seemed pretty busy and they just aren't able to handle crowds.

The food wasn't Greek at all and the service was terrible. I will not go back and do not recommend this restaurant

Service was awful! Restaurant was "dead" the server kept forgetting our drinks bc she was too busy talking to the bartender. She forgot to put in our order messed up our food order twice & the food came out cold. I had to get up twice once because the food was wrong and after 15 minutes she didn't even check on our table to see how everything was. The second time was for silver ware, a refill on a soda and napkins.

Went for the buffet, if you can call it that. Cold, not so good pizza with only two choices at a time. Two salads and a soup. Ambiance was comfortable, but not nearly enough to make up for the unsatisfactory food.