Restaurants deal by Bull Feeney's - Portland, ME

"Strangers are friends who you just haven't met." Food, drink, and banter served 11:30AM to 12:30AM daily. $2 draft specials nightly. Open mice every Tuesday 8PM - Close. Live music every Thursday - Saturday. No cover 9PM - close. Happy hours free appetizers 4pm - 7pm. "Thirst is a shameless disease, so here's to a shameful cure."

Pretty place. Friendly service. Good beer. But then there's the food. You'd have to look hard around Portland to find anything quite so mediocre as the highly touted and astonishingly expensive seafood chowder; better could be got from a can. The other dishes were just comparable to what one would find at any chain eatery anywhere in America. Not worth the time, and definitely not worth the money. In a city with so many good restaurants, Bull Feeney's should either improve its kitchen, or close it.

I thought I was back in Ireland even the food was terrible. All dinners are Ala-cart nothing comes with the meal unless you order it. For over $23.95 I got the Aged Serloin steak that was full of fat. I had to order extra the salad and fries. This dinner was almost $50 after tax and tip for 1 beer and a steak dinner with fies and a salad. Not my idea of a good meal.

I went to Bulls with my wife and a friend for dinner, and the atmosphere is a typical Irish Pub. The wait staff was great, and suggested the Filet Mignon, saying that ""It'll make you cry"". A challenge I was willing to shell out a few bucks for. Ive never cried so hard and deep. It was probably the best steak Ive ever had. We will be back!

O.K. if you are wondering what to do in Portland, on a Thursday night Feeney's is a must. From the house band that plays a good mix of rock, to the nice fireplace with ample room for many dates to sit around and just relax and chat, to the good food served with a smile, check out the bar I would call the BEST of Thursday entertainment.

for a decent meal, avoid this place.

The most disappointing meal ever! We had Irish Stew and Shepards pie.....that is, what little there was of it. The portions were jaw dropping small and it wasn't because they were running out....we were there early in the evening. The stew was flavorless gravy.......with next to nothing in it. The worst part was, I talked my wife into ordering it! The Shepards Pie had a paper thin layer of mashed potato almost no vegtables and very little meat. If you are looking

This is Portland - chill out! The bar staff has a really bad attitude. No place or that in this town.

Had 2 good dining experiences here over New Years weekend. First was just dessert; the cheesecake was wonderful. Second meal was Rabbit Stew and Squash Soup. Both were very, very good. The portions were very large; we had leftovers. Great flavor to the stew and the soup was very subtle and delicious. Rowdy and crowded but that was part of the fun. Would definately go back.

The service was pretty good, staff friendly. The food was mediocre with absolutely outrageous prices. Lobster, listed as ""market price"" cost $40.00, while other nearby restaurants had lobster at $23.95. We complained to the manager who stated ""that's our market price,"" with a well rehearsed narrative to follow. The lobster roll was $20.00 and as bland as a wool blanket. I would not send my enemy to that restaurant, as there are so many charming eateries in Portland. This place is NOT one of them. Just don't go.

I have been there twice now and have had a great experience both times. The food is well prepared, the service is friendly and the prices are very reasonable. Great place to eat in a city with a lot of great restaurants.

la comida esta delicioso. Me gusta mucha. Necessito comida cada dia, y me gusta la comida a Feeneys

Save your money & your time by eating elsewhere in Portland. We won't be back & we will not be sending anyone in.

The slow kitchen & over priced food are the least worries of this restaurant. With an ""owner"" lacking customer service skills this restaurant will not survive.

When requesting to discuss the above challenges with a manager, he did arrive. However, he did not listen & he did not address the issues. He interrupted, threw his hand s in the air and sarcastically stated ""What do you want me to do?! Give it all to you for free?! "" We were amazed at the lack of professionalism. We suggested that he assist the server in splitting the check so we could be on our way. In return we received a blank stare. When requesting the owner the manager stated that he was the owner.

After specifically requesting that the check be split the server presented us with a single check stating that the ""menu clearly states that checks for large parties can not be split"". What the menu actually states is that there is an 18% gratuity for parties of 6 or more......

Food arrived more than an hour after it was ordered. The $20 bacon wrapped pork tenderloin was flavorless, pink in some areas and dry in others. The 5 miniscule morsels were barely enough to feed a toddler. The 3 raviolis with it were overcooked and rock hard. Thank goodness for salad!

After making a reservation several days in advance for a large party we were not seated together. Moving furniture ourselves we were able to solve that challenge.

when you have to pay so much money a month just for your building. you buy crap food and hire everyone in town who will work for the cheapest wages in your kitchen. you have a nice restaurant with food that isn't good. on top of that it's pricy too. all set with bull feeney's.