Restaurants deal by Old Port Sea Grill & Raw Bar - Portland, ME

Restaurants deal by Old Port Sea Grill & Raw Bar - Portland, ME

TO VIEW SAMPLE MENUS, please visit our website. The Old Port Sea Grill, opened in the fall of 2002, is located in the heart of Portland's historic Old Port district. Our modern interior features a custom concrete bar, a large lounge area and a dining room that can accommodate up to 60 guests and features a 250 gallon salt water fish tank. Our seafood driven menu focuses on a variety of local and imported fresh fish and shellfish, with an emphasis on east coast cold water oysters and other raw bar offerings. We pair that with a food-friendly wine list, local craft-style beers on draft and an extensive cocktail program to make for an exciting dining experience.

This was the worst service ever recieved in 10 years of business travel.

The waitress served our salad after our entrees and thought nothing of it. Minimal apologies, no offer to comp the salads or cancel them. She simply stated that the salad maker was 'backed up,' even though we were eating very early and the restaurant was 70% empty. Also, we were served glasses of chardonnay instead of pinot grigio. The waitress 'realized' this mistake only after it was brought up by a wine conisseur who was dining with us that evening. Very dissapointing-- Portland deserves world class service, especially at these prices, and our experience wasn't worthy of a McDonald's.

The Old Port Sea Grill is fantastic. We ate there on a Saturday night and were seated immediately. The waitstaff was not smiley but definitely attentive. The food was one of the best seafood meals I've ever had. I had shrimp in angel hair pasta and it was delicous. One of the best restaurants in Portland food-wise!!

Wow! I keep going back to Old Port Sea Grill time after time. Everyone is friendly, the food is wonderful, and you get a great value for your dollar. I've had dinner and lunch there and all meals have been exceptional.

Would definitely avoid this one.

Salad had brown apple slices. To top it off, they put a mandatory 18% tip in the bill (for parties over 6). Falafel pita was bland.

We were party of 7 with three pre-teen children for lunch. Sandwiches, salad and grilled cheese took 70 minutes to service. Waitress avoided our table like the plague. When asked about the delay, the cook was ""backed up"" but only 7 tables were in use in the restaurant on a Thursday at 1pm. She brought out 6 servings but then took 10 more minutes to bring out youngest child's grilled cheese.

Thank You!

My wife and I live just outside of Boston and this place is compatible to most. Three years and at least two dozen visits.

This restaurant may not be on the water but all the seafood including their raw bar excellent highly recommend

AVOID AT ALL COSTS. IT'S BETTER TO WAIT IN LINE AT ONE OF THE AMAZING RESTAURANTS THAT ARE IN THE AREA. We had a terrible experience during our visit to the restaurant. It was our first visit to Portland, and for only a few hours, but we spent an hour and a half at the restaurant. This was due to the fact that our food took over an hour to reach our table. When we walked in, half of the restaurant was empty, and it was pretty quiet the entire time. People who came after us, left before us, and they had ordered similar items. It took half an hour to get our appetizers. When it was time to get our food, the manager brought it out and was rude. He told us that it takes time for the food to cook. Then he came back and said he would cover our beers. We ordered a lot of food, and we didn't care for his beers. He asked what he can do for us after that. If he's the manager, then he should know how to deal with situations like that. We weren't out to get free stuff, we wanted good food and never expected to wait so long. A lot of time wasted and the waitress was always rude and never apologized for the lateness. I have never met such rude wait staff, who tried to cover up the restaurant's errors. This restaurant was a time killer. Ruined our entire day.