Veterinarians deal by Presque Isle Animal Hospital - Presque Isle, ME

THEN, change shoes ~~~ ask yourself will you, someday, be willing to wear theirs? If your answer is no, get behind the wheel of your car and 'DRIVE' until you find a yes.

My best advice? Take a few hours BEFORE needing the services of a veterinarian. Go sit in a waiting room; watch and listen to the 'intercourse' between staff and clients. Stay long enough to share the rabies and baby's shots to the "your dog is going to die' or "your dog is dead" owner experiences.

If you really love your pet, and those who do will know to whom I speak, drive to Houlton if you need a vet immediately.

Forms, procedures, requirements, prerequisits, instructions (written in cement) which must be followed regardless of their impossibility for you to implement (no compromise here; but you will get 'attitude'). All and everything to make your and your pet's life as difficult as possible and void of compassion or empathy. In the case of mandatory euthanasia, no gentleness nor understanding, no time allowed to be with your pet before or during the procedure is given to you, if in fact you're allowed to be there at all. Be prepared to fight the fight of YOUR life if you wish to hold your pet through their passing; tears are not 'scheduled' in this 'hospital', its more of a 'move 'em in...move 'em out' kinda business.

It is easier to complete the admission process for TAMC than it is in this office; in truth, from admission to discharge, TAMC is an easier institution to navigate than Presque Isle Animal Hospital and the instructions for continued care?........far more difficult and uncomprising, purposefully so, while being delivered with an 'uppitty', "I'm so much better than you" demeanor, specifically so,...... i.e.: if you look poor, the staff automatically 'preaches' their payment policy ~~~ if you are perceived 'uneducated', you WILL be spoken to, delibertally so, with a 'first graders' vocabulary.

Presque Isle Animal 'Hospital' has (as of 2008) undergone a total 'personality renovation'. It's vets and assistants, medical and office staff have 'updated' their prior rural, outgoing, friendly, empathetic persona to one more suited to a metropolitan 'business'.

Five+ years ago, this was the ONLY veterniarian clinic/hospital who treated our two cats and dog.

We called to have our dog checked. We picked her up at a dump site in the middle of no where, beaten and skinny. After I told her the situation with the dog they lady on the phone said that we should have called the police and seen if anyone lost her and that we were completely wrong in taking her in! We saved her life from an abusing owner and she was quick to judge us. Please don't support this vetenerian clinic! We are from th city and previous dog owners and We have never heard of this kind of customer service. If they don't support saving an animals life from abuse they I don't trust them to save the life of an animal in general.

They blew it New Year's Eve (last night). Let my friend's dog die because she didn't have the full $500 to make it worth their while. Nice.