Veterinarians deal by Animal Medical Clinic - Skowhegan, ME

I brought her there so she could be cared for during the 18 or so hours I wasn't home. Would have been better off leaving her home alone.

First off they try to con you into buying things you do not need for excessive amounts of money and bug you by phone and mail. Very greedy place. Next off here is a story. I had to go out of town for a day for a wedding so boarded my two dogs for 24 hours. Come to pick them up, and whatever they gave one of them has her puking and having diarrhea all over the place. She had diarrhea in her kennel and they didn't clean it all off her so she unbeknownst to me prior to loading her into my car had some on her feet which she tracked through my car. She also had some very obvious dried on the cone she had because of being fixed several days prior through the state and they didn't bother to clean it off. She also never pees in the car but she hadn't been let out in such a long time to go to the bathroom she couldn't hold it and peed in my car during the 10 minute drive home.

We have used them for years, now, and never had any difficulties or problems with them. Anonymous? No matter who you go to, the price of their products will be no less than others charge. Having worked for a large veterinary service in Daytona Beach prior to returning to Maine? I found that prices were fairly 'the same' from vet to vet. Quality of service and care, to me, is far more important than the prices I will pay for either services OR products. Look for that, first, and please, tell me what they 'bugged' you for...boarding charges are pretty much the same, vet to vet. I always prefer to leave my dogs either with a reputable kennel OR my vet...and we pay for that good care.