Electricians deal by Apex home improvement & Snowplowing - Waterville, ME

All in all, very “rough around the edges” and not professional level

They gave me a sharply discounted labor rate, which on the surface was nice, but some of the items they did had a grossly inflated number of hours. I asked several times for a quick break down, but never got one. They did a dozen or so jobs. Some were satisfactory, most had to be torn down and redone, or patched later.

I own or manage approx.. 40+ residential apartments in the Waterville area. I used Apex for a short time in 2012. I had quite a few issues with them, which I’ll list. They were nice enough, hard working, but lacked common sense, communication skills and frankly every job they did fell apart or had to be refixed by higher level contractors within a year or so.