Veterinarians deal by New England Animal Hospital - Waterville, ME

Dr. Slack has been our veterinarian since we moved to Maine 3 years ago. We have 3 dogs and 3 cats. He has been wonderful through thick and thin. He met us on a Sunday when one of our cats was sick, he diagnosed him about 30 seconds (the cat had gotten a thread caught under his tongue when he had eaten it) Dr. Slack had him back to normal within minutes by cutting the thread. When my almost 20 year old cat lost kidney function and had to be put to sleep, he had me hold her in my arms while injecting her so that she could pass away feeling loved rather than abandoned. Our 13 year old lab came down with Lymphoma which Dr. Slack diagnosed caught early on which gave us an extra 8 months with him. His diagnoses and his compassion have been great. I would recommend him to anyone.

We used New England Animal Hospital for our puppy's vaccination because it is in our neighbourhood. At first meeting Dr. Slack checked her very briefly (like listened to her heart and lungs for 2 seconds. I don't think you can hear much more than the fact that heart and lungs are in her thorax in such a short time). We didn't like it too much as he doesn't really seem to be too interested in animals or people. Then our puppy got sick and we brought her in again. He prescribed right things and she got better fast, but again he didn't seem to care too much, didn't even know her name or whether she was a female or male, so he didn't even glanced at her chart. We switched to another local vet and were very satisfied with their service. Oh, also check prices with other vets (spaying is around $100 more).

At 10 PM on Easter Sunday, one of our dogs encountered a porcupine in our driveway, ending up with many quills in the dog's nose and face. Called Dr. Slack (who has been our pet's vet for over 20 years) and he said to bring the dog in. He examined the dog and said he would take care of it and would keep the dog overnight, which he did. Monday morning the dog was fine, back to his energetic self. Dr. Slack's care in this situation was greatly appreciated, but it was typical of the care he has provided to our many pets over the years.

I had came home from a brief shopping trip and to my horror my Macaw had somehow injured his foot and there was a very large pool of blood on the floor I tried to stop the bleeding and sytpic powder and it wouldn't help to stop the bleeding it was a holiday and I lived only a few blocks from his place of business so i wrapped Jake up in a towel and ran to the vets.when I arrived the only person there was a girl attendant taking care of the animals and DR Slack came right over and he took jake (my macaw) in to the examination room and he cauterized his foot and he saved my birds life and that was the best thing I had ever had happen DR Slack is a very Smart Man and his personality is reserved and people think he doesn't care and nothing could be farther from the truth as it was a holiday and the vets office was at the time closed so to any one who talks badly about the DR they are not very smart and how can you put a price on your pets life so in my opinion go ahead and go to a cheap vet and loose your pet I have been a bird breeder all my life and have known many vets and DR Slack is definitely the Smartest and Most Compassionate vet I ever. had used

Guys, give Dr. Slack a break! D:< I mean seriously! I know he's bland, but he really cares! And he listens to their heart rate for more then two seconds. That's exaggerating. His son died in the war. Just give him a little break. You gotta feel bad for him.

I must say this was absolutely the most wonderful and animal loving staff I've ever had the chance to meet. Please don't let Dr. Slack's ""harsh"" demeanor turn anyone away. He really is unbelievably caring and knowledgeable!

I've been to multiple vets over the years for my hamsters, rats etc., and none have ever come close to comparing with the experience I had with Dr. Slack and his staff. I had noticed that my poor rattie was having difficulty breathing; so in a panic I called every vet that dealt with rats around. I couldn't find anyone that wanted to help me except for Dr. Slack's office; even though I had never been there before. They managed to squeeze me in and although I was hysterical on the phone, the lady was as nice as could be, and was very understanding and calming while taking my information. Throughout my whole experience, on the phone and in person, Dr. Slack and every member of his staff, made sure to call my rat by his name (Kowalski) and treat him as though he was just as important as any dog or cat. Dr. Slack took an x-ray and ended up finding that my poor little ratkid had a tumor crushing his lungs. He very nicely told me that euthanazia was not necessary, but that his breathing would just continue to get worse. Of course I was completly hysterical throughout this whole visit, but his assistant (Lauren) really was absolutly the sweetest woman possible. She talked me through all the options and the whole situation, and even let my rat crawl all over her and through her hair. After the ""procedure"" was over, they even wrapped Kowalski up in his blanket in his carrier so that I wouldn't have to see him. The next day I recieved a very heartfelt card letting me know how very sorry they all were for my loss.

Heather Richardson

Your Eternal Friend,

I have also spent quite a bit of time at his house, and at all hours of the night he would take calls, give care instructions, and was very compassionate with his clients. He would also have some of his clients bring thier pets in, in the middle of the night so he could check them out. Dr. Slack was a very intellagent and compashionate Doctor. He lost his Son Wade last year, and even through all his struggles, he was still able to give his all to his work. Dr. Alan Slack passed, and the world is short one of the most incredible human beings I ever knew. My prayers go out to the Slack Family, he will sadly be missed by so many. I love you Dr. Alan Slack...

I was in a car accident and hospitalized for a month back in 98, and he performed Surgery on Velcro. He removed her extra toes, as her claws were stabbing her in the pads of her paws. I took both of my cats in for thier vaccinations after I got out, and he showed great care for my animals, and stressed great concern for my condition.

I met and became friends with Dr. Alan Slack roughy 18 years ago. He gave me a cat, and took very good care of her for me. I named her Velcro. She had a cold in her eyes when he gave her to me, and told me how to care for it at home. Roughly a year later I got another cat, Sneekers, and he was very good to both of my pets.

There are a lot of animals out there,who will miss you greatly.

My thoughts go out to his family..who has been through so much these past few years....

I had just recently switched my vet to him also. And I looked forward to to having my dogs next checkup with him. It saddens me greatly to know that one of the most caring,loving,best vet in Waterville..has passed away. I only wish I had given him more of a chance before....

I do admit,I was a little intimidated by the way he presented himself. But I knew he was a great vet,as everyone around me told me that he was the best in Waterville.

When I heard the news of Dr.Slacks passing,I was shocked. I had only ever been to him once...for a few hamsters of mine...and he was very nice,and caring...even with a small animal that he really couldn't do much for.

was very shocked at Doctor Slacks passing, he was a great vet, never felt like this with anyone else still to this day can't believe he is gone, want to thanks everyone who worked with him for such great care and team work you all were so good when we really needed to have care taken with my stepdaughters dog, if it had not been for Dr. Slack and his team the poor baby would not be here

Dr. Danner has taken over and reopened New England Animal Hospital thankfully. I previously took my pets here until Dr. Slack passed away in December. After that I had to switch to Kennebec Valley Vet. and had an absolutely awful experience there. I was more than pleased when Dr. Danner opened up. He does a great job caring for your animals. He is sincere and caring with dealing with your animals. He does a great job of always explaining all your options and allows you to make the decision rather than trying to sell you something you don't need. He really is in it for the animals as twice now I have asked for tests to be run on my cat who has renal kidney failure and hyper thyroid and he talked me out of it at this time because it was not beneficial at that time and he even told me he would "hate to have me pay the $75 for nothing at this time." He was great at teaching how to give my cat an IV at home to keep him hydrated. I have had a great experience with Dr. Danner and his staff. Great addition to the community!

Dr. Danner and staff are fabulous! Total professionals with a down to earth approach. No mumbo jumbo corporate office...very hometown, very wise, efficient and caring. They were very easy to talk to, and did not mind explaining things for worried cat mom/dad. Never seeing another vet ever.

They are very nice people. They are so great about payment plans so you can afford your bill. They were great with our cat George.