Veterinarians deal by Post Road Veterinary Clinic - Wells, ME

My dog recently had to visit the ER hospital late one night. The next day the ER hospital sent a full report to my vet at Post Road Vet. Can you believe they never once called to ask how my dog was or see if I needed a follow up visit. When I called to discuss with the doctor next steps and if I could continue the treatment plan the ER gave me, I was told he would call me back. Three days later and I still did not have a call. I called again and Dr Nolan wanted nothing to do with me or answer my questions. He told me I had a problem calling him and he was very busy. I called out of concern for my pet! You do not want this man caring for your pet. He does not care about you or your pet - just getting your money!

WE come all the way from Massachusetts for our vet care. Post Road is compassionate and caring. Even the dog loves going here. Never overpriced and as I stated above very caring

Drs. Nolan, MacDonald and their staff have been taking care of my pets for the past 10 years. They have gone above and beyond many times including a home visit when I had to put my dog down. I couldn't ask for a more compassionate and professional group of oeople!