Chinese Restaurants deal by Lantern Chinese Restaurant - Blacklick, OH

Fast, friendly service and great lunch portion at a great value. Would recommend over most local chinese.

Menu stated vegetables in the meal and mine had exactly 3 sprigs of broccoli, a couple slivers of carrot and a few water chestnuts. I will say it was full of rather bland, hint of sweet chicken...not a spicy morsel to be found. The Lantern(house special) chicken meal did offer more vegetables, but was the exact same sauce in the szechuan. Waiter explained that it was quite possible that the chef prepared less spice as most diners aren't accustomed to spicy. Don't understand that one since I've ordered many spicy chinese dinners. Disappointed, I didn't ask for less heat and fully expected the typical zing of heat in the szechuan chicken. The rice was less than luke warm and bland. We won't be returning for another meal as there are several other local chinese restaurants in the area that prepare spicy szechuan with a goodly amount of vegetables.

I've never experienced a sweet szechuan dinner and expected spicy sauce adorned with hot pepper or two.

On to the food....Mom ordered Lantern Special and I had the Szechuan Chicken. Both chicken dishes, both seasoned exactly the same with a sweet hint in sauce.

Our waiter was less than personable and not once did he inquire if our meals were satisfactory.

Treated my Mother to dinner at Lantern recently and was not impressed with the food or the service.

Maybe if I had been served the dish I ordered I would be writing a different review. However, due to the way I was treated when I tried to expain that this was the wrong dish, there will NOT be a second visit.

I was very disapointed and felt cheaped. I spent $11 on a meal that I didn't even eat. No customer serive at all.

I ate one bite of the tofu and that was all I could stomach. Not one asked how we liked our meal or offered to fix or take mine off the bill.

Of course it took quite a while to get the servers attention. She was very busy running the cash register, waiting on tables and doing the take out orders. When I finally managed to flag her down she said that is the way they serve the dish. Interesting, not at all what the menu said.

I ordered an extra spicy deep fried tofu dish with mushrooms and green onions. When it arrived it was NOT deep fried, NOT spicy and there were no mushrooms or green onions to be found. I believe I was brought the wrong dish.

I had high hopes for our first visit to this restaurant. The dinning area was nice and my spring roll was very good. However things went down hill from there.

I love this place, tho I usually carry out. I get fresh delicious off-menu items in 10 mins or less. It's my go-to spot for houseguests or meeting friends. Try their orange die for!@