Chinese Restaurants deal by Chinatown Kitchen - Canton, OH

I walked out of there 20$ shorter than when I went in and this time with no slop. I highly advice no one to ever eat there unless you want the worst chinese food and the worst service you would ever get.

I returned my food to Chinatown and asked for a refund because the food was inedible. I was told by a man with longer hair that he could and would not refund my money to me because it's nothing wrong with the food, it's I'm just not used to 'their' type of food. I explained I have eaten at many Chinese restaurants before just like this and have never had a problem. He told me that he didn't care about other places, they cook their food a certain way. I continued to push for a refund but he continued to refuse saying he could give me 'credit' for replacement meals. I will NEVER eat there again why would I want a credit.

Get home with the food and my boyfriend opened his up and said "is this supposed to be chicken?" I looked at it and it did not appear to be any type of 'meat' I have ever seen before. My general tso's was soggy and tasted off. The crab rangoon was literally the outer shell. There was NO filling in it at all. It tasted stale and it was cold.

Ordered bourbon chicken dinner, general tso's chicken dinner, and crab rangoon. Both dinners came with a egg roll and pork rice.

Since I have calmed down, maybe I can rate this place and try not to be TOO horrible about it.

I love their Bourbon chicken

egg roll them selfs are 1/2 size

Nov 2013 new onwers have taken over and im am disapointed the portions are notably smaller