Chinese Restaurants deal by Dragon City - Cincinnati, OH

I have ordered takeout from this restaurant a few times. The food isn't spectacular - the wonton soup is extremely salty, yet the rice isn't salted at all. The egg roll has a strange taste, although it's very crispy. The prices are pretty good though, so I didn't feel too bad about the quality of the food. Good for late night takeout - but if you want great Chinese, go somewhere else.

Lunch menu is a great deal! Alot of food for the money. The freshness and quality of the food is the best Chinese takeout around.

Terrible Chinese food. Might as well order garbage and eat it.

Good service! Will order again

The other reviews had to have been written by the owners that say this place is great. Seriously. Worst chinese food EVER. I have ordered from them several times (in an effort to give them another chance or just too lazy to go out) and each time something is wrong with the order. The last time, the rice wasn't cooked. They have the neighborhood by the short hairs because its the only chinese food place that delivers. Unless you are just nearing starvation, take a pass on this place. And its not just me... many folks from the neighborhood that have ordered have had the same experience. HORRIBLE!!!!!

Good Food Fast Delivery will order again...Online Ordering was Great. delivery Driver was nice...Good amount of food for price and it was nice and Hot....