Chinese Restaurants deal by First Wok - Cincinnati, OH

first time here great service food was pretty good except for general tso chicken wasn't cook long enough doughy. Tonight just set me off. service was terrible she was rude over the phone and when i picked up i ask for extra tso sauce she said 1.50 extra and start talking their language to each other and made me feel like they said something negative about me because i said i don't want it. talk about me after i leave. i am a paying customer and just want some respect!! food was hot and good general tso still not cook enough. need to be left in fryer a little more longer

The worst Chinese restaurant in Forest Park, we ordered take-out on 12/09/16 for a dinner treat that turn out to be nasty and burnt; we order the roast pork Lo-Main with a large wanton soup and picked it up from the restaurant that evening. When we got home the soup was awesome but the roast pork lo-mien had bit and pieces of black and silver burn ashes in it. We called the restaurant after our findings and ask for the Manager to put in a formal complain and she hung up on us 2xtwice and finally got thru and the young lady told us she was the manager/owner and she was going to talk with the kitchen about the matter but never offered us any sort of apology nor even ask if we wanted a refund or a replacement; she just indicated she would talk with the kitchen - then I ask if I could bring back the entree and she said, "what would I do with your food except throw it out." I found that to be rude and she was very nasty and unpleasant and hung up on my husband. - So, if your reading this review - save your money and avoid this restaurant like the plague unless you don't mind burnt food, nasty service and uneatable take-out :-( - You might want to drive a short distance and go to Lee's in F airfield and see "Benny..."