Chinese Restaurants deal by Grand Buffet - Cincinnati, OH

Chinese Restaurants deal by Grand Buffet - Cincinnati, OH

I love the taste of their General Tso's Chicken, so tender and juicy, their Garlic String Beans, pepper steak, Steamed Salmon, and spicy Italian shrimp at dinner time are also my favorites. My husband don't like any chinese restaurants expect for this one because there's so much variety. So we go there like atleast once every week. It's like $11 per person for dinner that includes salad, soups, appetizers, entrees, desserts,and icecream. I think it's a great deal. Oh, theres also a huge fountain in the middle of the restaurant, my son always throw a coin to make a wish everytime we go.

Slim Shady

Gods honest truth!

This dump could be much better if the management Tom Chen, was not so lazy.

The last time i was there I seen roaches,I will never go back

I know this place well, it has very greasy food,I have eaten there many times and the menu is always the same.also the bathrooms are very dirty,I feel bad for the friendly waitresses that have to work all day for just tips.

Wide selection of Delicious food, friendly staff and good price, what more can I ask for on the nights which I dont have to cook :-D

delicious food, friendly service. Will visit again.

Here it is April 2014 and the place is more disgusting than ever. Bathroom tiles are falling down, mirrors behind the steam tables are rusting, the ventilation system wasn't working apparently as it was so hot and steamy upon just walking in you KNEW something was broken. Everything is still nasty, but thankfully the turtles are gone. Just know they will not be in business much longer. The place is falling apart.

STAY AWAY! Dirty dirty dirty! And the poor turtles that are kept in an inappropriate environment that has nothing but water in a small aquarium on display, shame, shame on these people. The mirrors backing the salad bar are FILTHY. Can only imagine what the kitchen looks like. The tables are greasy and sticky and the servers don't care.