Chinese Restaurants deal by House Of Sun - Cincinnati, OH

--Chef Sean

Hope this helps you find good food!

They also have an authentic non-Americanized menu. It isn't automatically handed to you unless you walk in the door speaking Chinese. I definitely recommend trying it though. Yes, it has the English translations. You may not recognize each thing by name, but if you want to eat what people eat in china this is the real deal. Don't be scared, these people know how to cook.

As far as Chinese food goes in Cincinnati, this is one of the best. I've tried others in town, but always end up wishing that I went to House of Sun. They have all the popular foods that you would expect. The prices are also very reasonable. Lunch costs about $5-6 and you get the entree, a soup (about 16 oz !), rice of your choice, a chicken wing, and a crab rangoon. Good deal as far as I'm concerned. You can call in a to-go lunch also and they'll have it ready in ten minutes. Beats fast food for lunch for the same price. Dinner is reasonably priced. Instead of taking your family to some crappy buffet, everybody can order something different and share. Decor is average, which is why I didn't give it a 5 star rating, but who cares since the food is incredible. If you are anywhere within 20 miles of Sharonville (northern Cincinnati), it is worth the drive.