Chinese Restaurants deal by Song Long Restaurant - Cincinnati, OH

We've been to Song Long at least a half dozen time in the last twelve months. The food is always very good; however, the service is quite lacking. The number of wait staff is insufficient to service the restaurant resulting in mediocre service at best. More importantly, the wait staff is not all conversive or engaging with their customers. In fact, they rarely make eye contact and often appear distacted or disinterested. Finally, for some reason, tables are never cleared quickly so customers are left to stare at tables filled with dirty dishes and unfinished food. This is unfortunate since the food is quite tasty and reasonably priced; however, the owners need to spend a lot more attention on ""the front end of the house"" and customer attentiveness if they hope to give their patrons a memorable dining experience and not just a cheap asian meal.

If you didn't already know this, Song Long has a partnership with Jean Robert in the restaurant Pho Paris. Song Long gives you the opportunity to enjoy some of the inspiration for that Fusion restaurant at a pittance of the price of Pho Paris. Song Long has excellent food - try one of the bowl soup lunches or the Bun Salad. The problem is the restaurant itself. The decor is groaningly tacky - hanging red lanterns and fishtanks. Cleanliness is also an issue. The restaurant is always a bit dirty - not nasty or necessarily unsanitary. The value is insanely wonderful and certainly leads this writer to overlook the decor and attention to cleanliness.

If you've never tried Vietnamese food, but you like Chinese food, or if you love Vietnamese food, try Song Long!

One dish I rush in for if I feel myself coming down with a cold or sinus infection is the Bun Bo Wei. This soup is a somewhat spicy lemongrass, chili, and beef soup that has never failed to help me ward off or cure a cold while tasting GREAT!

In the 10 years I have been eating at Song Long, I have always had great service with a smile, and the food is fantastic!