Sushi Bars deal by Johnny Chan 2 - Cincinnati, OH

If you order anything on the main menu you won't be disappointed. However, the sushi is subpar. The sushi took forever and was definitely not worth the wait. Try something on their main menu and you should surely have a happy dining experience.

I could not find another restaurant in Cinnci that stands in the way of JC2. I visit my mother in law for a week and I must of ate there 5 times. Out of the world food complimented with friendly serve. PF Chang take a back seat.

I have order take-out from Johnny Chan2 because it was recommended by friends.The service and the environment were great. The manager showed a list of best chinese restaurant in the country. I saw several of my favorite restaurant from NYC were listed with Jonny chan2, I thought I came to the right place. However, the food quality was disappointed. Even Johnny chan2 is listed as one of the best in Cinn, I think some smaller scale chinese restaurants have better food quality to offer. There are still room for Johnny to improve and it is definitely not one of the best in Cincinnati yet.

One of the best Chinese restaurants in the Cincinnati area and I've eaten at several. A multi-item buffet and wide choice of menu selections. Good service as well.

I thought with all the rave reviews, this place was sure to be a find. Sadly, i was mistaken. It wasn't all that it was cracked up to be. The prices are ridiculous for the portion size and the chicken is very bland. I wouldn't recommend this place to those with a discerning tongue. There are better places to eat for the money!

that Johnny Chan 2 is just a bad restaurant.

I arrived with my friend at around 2:30 and was asked if we wanted the buffet, I said no. The woman seemed as if she wanted us to eat the buffet. When I asked for brown rice I was told that they were not going to make it just for to people and to order the white rice. I would have left but we both had not eaten much for breakfast and were starving. The food was ready in a reasonable amount of time, however as we were eating the waitress started vacuuming? The waitress then asked if she could put our food in a carryout container as we were still eating? The waitress then brought our receipt and as we were still eating came back and said that we needed to pay now because they were closing? I apologized to my friend and told her that it had been a while since I had eaten there, and told her about the carryout experience. Both my friend and I now realize that my carryout incident was not just a bad day, but

I ordered carry out and asked for no MSG and brown rice with my meal, the man responded with a rude yeah, and then hung up. When my husband went to pay for the food the the man threw my husband's credit card at him instead of handing it to him after paying. I thought that maybe he was having a bad day so I decided to take a friend to lunch and dine in, BIG MISTAKE!!!!!!