Sushi Bars deal by Kabuto Japanese Steakhouse & Sushi Bar - Cincinnati, OH

If you want a more private setting, they have regular tables partitioned from the hibachi section in order to provide a more quiet, intimate dinner setting. They also have a full service bar where you can wait as your table is prepped; unlike many places in the Cincinnati area, Kabuto has some place for you to go during their busy hours, so relax, have a drink, and wait for the good time ahead. It's WELL worth it.

I recently took my family out for dinner and we had a wonderful time at Kabuto. The sushi was very good, the hibachi thoroughly entertaining aside from an excellent and filling meal, and the atmosphere circled around service. They want you to have a wonderful time, and their effort in service towards their customer is reflective in such an attitude missing in so many restaraunts today.

Great food and service. Ginger dressing is different from others I have had but still good!

Totally disrespectful! The Chinese manager stole my grandmothers credit card then accused her of losing it once we were paying for the bill and thought because we were black that we wouldn't take immediate action in having her account closed once we voiced it was closed they later returned the card back to her because what good was a useless card. I tried contacting cooperate but these restaurants are owned individually the staff did not help "look" for the lost card because we were under the impression it was actually lost until we had found out she stole it