Sushi Bars deal by Sakura Steak House - Cincinnati, OH

the sushi bar is great, very Friendly. Jason and Casey make the experience a good one. But some aspects of the restaurant are lacking. For one thing, I have never been given my check in a timely manner. I understand that it is a new restaurant but I have sat For 20 minutes without a waiter. I think a person should be assigned to the sushi bar. I also do not understand the way Itip. Does my tip go to the person who eventually gives we my check? Or do the sushi chefs get it? The Food far outways bad.

Our visit was very enjoyable and entertaining. The Chef shows alot of attention to the customers. The food was excellent.Take your time for 1 1/2 hr. to dine.

i went there with 6 friends a few weeks ago and everything was terrible. the service was non-existent, i didn't even receive my sushi, and my friend had a dead fly on the rim of her salad bowl. i will never, ever go back to this crap hole.