Chinese Restaurants deal by Dragon Gate Restaurant - Cleveland, OH

Their menu has items that can be ordered for 2 or more people

Dragon Gate on Brookpark Road has some of the best Chinese food around. Try it!

Dragon Gate Restaurant is one of the best Chinese food places I go to. They have the best and the freshest Won Ton Soup in town. I actually will not eat Won Ton soup at any other Chinese Restaurant. The waitresses have been there as long as I can remember. They know their customers and are always polite. The prices are excellent and the portions are great!

I went to this restaurant because of its Citysearch rating. I was disappointed to find that the food was just average - not bad but nothing special. I most likely will not go back because there are a lot of other restaurants that I think are better and closer to where I live. Also, the atmosphere was pretty drab - it looked like it was an old Denny's or something! But there was plenty of seating available, so you can get in quick, even with a large group.

Dragon Gate on Brookpark Rd has the absolute best General Cho's Chicken (not a typo, they spell it that way) around. They use all white breast meat and lightly batter it unlike other places that use pieces parts and heavy breading. They have had the same price on this dish since 1989!!! They also have friendly staff that know you when you walk in. They are great!

I live far away from Cleveland now, but I still crave Dragon Gate and must have it every time I return home. I cannot get enough of their egg rolls. I also enjoy the atmosphere- everything is very old, but in an eclectic/retro cool way. . Plus, you can eat and watch people play putt-putt.

I know your looking like, ""did he put 5 stars""? Yes, I did!! I love their food and I used to work there. I'll admit that they are getting the 5 stars for the service and food, not for the atmosphere. It can be renovated and updated but isn't that what makes a good restaurant? The character of the place is genuine and can not be copied so I would give it 4 stars for that. If you go a lot we'll remember you and greet you like a friend and give you the best service possible. My favorite menu item is the Sweet and Sour Chicken. I ate that everyday I worked. The Won Ton Soup is good with the neon colored chips (I think they are called prawn chips). And they have this family platter that comes out with a little bowl of purple rocks that are on fire!!! So you can use for the teriakki (spelling?) on the stick!!

Dragon Gate Chinese Restaurant will be open in December. The new phone number is (440) 743-0800. Thank you!


Finally...I just called them and they will be opening tomorrow at 11:00am!! I am so excited.

I am so happy Dragon Gate is back open. They have the same great food and an even nicer atmosphere than before. I love the Sweet and Sour Chicken and Moo Goo Gai Pan!

Went there on most recomendations from blog.Had the honey garlic chicken.Came out almost warm and the ""honey""was granulated sugar,really grainy.Wife had sweet and sour chicken.Also barely warm and tasted OK.Will probably give it another shot someday.