Chinese Restaurants deal by Emperor's Palace - Cleveland, OH

Food was absolutely delicious! Restaurant interior is beautifully decorated. The staff is warm and friendly. Also the food was extremely well priced. My new favorite Chinese restaurant in Cleveland!

I came here with my friends for lunch and dinner in one day and it was amazing! The food is exceptionally very good! The price is very reasonable. We ordered hot peppercorn shrimp with brown rice and spicy dice chicken with steam rice and it comes with a spring roll for $6.95! Since I like spicy food I have a tendency to have my meals very hot and it was amazing! The chef did an awesome job! Since me and my friend were so satisfied with lunch we came back for dinner and we tried the mala spicy frog and the roast duck. The roast duck was freshly made and good. It wasn't dry! And the frog dish was the first time I had it and it was simply something I have never experience in my life! They use a whole frog, it wasnt just the legs but also the body. Of course the head wasnt there but it was Delicious! i know it must sound gross but it was good! Must visit again soon! Definitely recommend people to come here!