Italian Restaurants deal by Corleone's Ristorante & Bar - Cleveland, OH

Italian Restaurants deal by Corleone's Ristorante & Bar - Cleveland, OH

Corleone's is one of the few fine local (non-chain) restaurants in the Parma / Independence area. My almond-encrusted sea bass was very good. The bread is warm and crispy, and they give you an excellent herb-infused olive oil with parmesan and parsley mix to dip the bread. I would go just for the bread and dip. Their bruschetta is just ok and the italian wedding soup is a little too salty, but the main entrees are excellent. One of my co-workers could not stop raving about her grilled salmon dish. We also tried the lemon cheesecake and the bailey's irish cream cheesecake. The four of us agreed that the lemon was better; the tartness and lemon aroma added just an extra kick to counteract the richness of the cheesecake.

My familys experience began by being seated 15 minutes late past our reservation time. Our table was near the front door which included cold air, a lot of server traffic, the hostess stand, and other people waiting to be seated too close for comfort. They were not very caring that we had a one and three year old with us and it could be dangerous with so much happening around our table. The server was less than enthusiastic. our meals came and they looked great. I ordered chicken parmigian. It was good until my second piece which was difficult to cut with a fork. curious I looked at it and it was over 50% pure raw chicken. I immediately told the server and she rushed it off to the back with out delay. I should have kept it as evidence. To their good fortune I had no chance. I was disgusted and so was my wife we didnt want anything else to do with corleone's. Mistakes are made but this put us over the top. They offered something else but we wanted to just leave. they were only willing to take off the chicken and not the lasagna my wife had just started. I was willing to pay for the drinks. In the end I paid for our two drinks, lasagna, and a receipt they wrote down that my chicken was as they say it ""undercooked"". The robot like floor supervisor didnt seem to care and the owner who was there couldnt find his way over to offer an apology. They did not take this serious and I would never bring my kids with me if I ever went back. Which is unfortunate because with the decor, my food properly cooked, and a polite and caring staff, it could have been great.

Great food - sit at the bar or on the patio.

They have the best veal dishes outside New York. The staff is friendly and attentive. They make sure everyone feels like they are a regular. Peter, the owner, is generally seen going from table to table introducing himself and checking on quality. A place you could go to weekly and never tire of it.

I lived in Parma Heights and I have dined at Corleones for years. It has a fantastic wine selection and the food is outstanding. I have since moved away from Cleveland and every time I come back to visit I have to have at least one meal here. Everything is good. It is also romantic for dates.

excellent italian food and the sevice in good.

The food is just really ordinary but it's ok. However, the management is beyond outragious. We were seated at a table underneath a ceiling speaker in the dining room and the music was loud we couldn/t talk. We asked the waitress to turn it down. She promptly did. Immediately it was turned back up. I asked for the manager who apparently was the bar tender who came to the table and said her bar patrons couldn't hear the music if it was at a quiet level in the dining room. I protested and she said that's the way it was. They need to decide if they are a roudy bar or a restaurant. Right now I don't think they are very good at either. And soooooooooooooooooo rude!

We were left standing at the entryway, ignored while she was busy by herself at the hello, Ill be right with you, nothing. When she seated us she acted like she was very annoyed with us for bothering her, even though the place was almost empty in the late afternoon. When we left we were again ignored. My husband and I both work in the customer service industry and were very bothered by this. We felt unwelcome and probably wont go back.

I would have rated this place much higher based on the delicious and plentiful food. Our server was also excellent, but the hostess ruined the experience for us and a few others I see (Cleve,.om Parma forum) .

Had the early bird special today, and everything was great,,,,,,,,I had the chicken ,,,,,Lisa so so good.....and the hubby had the Sinatra, a veal and cheese dish,,,,,,he loved it,,,,,,,,everything tonight was perfect,,,,,,,,food was fresh and tasty,,,,,,,,,the soup, potatoe with bacon, was creamy and full of potatoes and bacon,,,,,,,the salad was crisp and fresh, and the service was great,,,,,,very friendly and always there for us..........great food and service, what more could you ask for..........thank you corleone's for a great night

I've been to Coreone's a few times and for the most part, it been pretty good....a little pricey for a strip mall in Parma, Ohio but overall good service and a nice atmosphere.

If anyone ever asks us where to go for lunch or dinner we always suggest Corleone's. We have been going there for years and have never been disappointed. Great food, service and atmosphere is what we love. We have tried many of the dishes from the Sea Bass to the Bone in Veal chop, Chicken Liza etc. and we love all the dishes. We have suggested this restaurant to many people knowing they will enjoy the restaurant and food as much as we do only to get phone calls back that they too love the restaurant. Weather we are eating in the restaurant or ordering trays of food for parties we have never been disappointed. Outstanding Job Corleone's!