Italian Restaurants deal by Johnny's Downtown - Cleveland, OH

Italian Restaurants deal by Johnny's Downtown - Cleveland, OH

Established in 1993, Johnny's Downtown is a full service restaurant, which offers various food items. Located in Cleveland, Ohio, it provides numerous eatables comprising lunch, dinner and tasting menu. The restaurant's menu includes soups, salads, pizzas, sandwiches, pastas, raw bar selections and entrees, to name a few. Its appetizers feature mozzarella marinara, soft shell crab meuniere, saut ed stuffed calamari, steak tartar with pommes frittes, escargot with angel hair pasta, chefs tasting of foie gras and saut ed frog legs.

My friends and I were in town this past Saturday to see Cirque du Soleil. Not knowing where to eat, we stopped a couple after the show to ask for a recommendatin. Johnny's was their first choice. We had a most enjoyable evening, from the time the valet opened our car doors until dessert and coffee. The atmosphere was unbelievable, service was excellent and dinner was fabulous. Will definitely eat there again.

We put our order in and after an hour wait we had to ask for our salads. We ordered at 8:20PM and our dinner was served at 10:00PM. The couple we were with received their food 5 or 6 minutes before ours came. I will never return to Johnny's and I would never recomment it. We went out to celebrate a special occasion, we thought at a special place, and the evening was a disappointment.

The food was mediocre and the serve was terrible.

Johnny's isn't an occasion place but a hangout for the rich and infamous.

I recommend this restaurant for the elitist crowd only. All of the area Johnny's enjoy a reputation for brusque service. The menu is excellent but you have to be somebody to get the service one would expect for shilling out that kind of dough.

it's romantic and the food is fantastic! Definately a special date place,and special occasions, etc.

Where to begin....The waiter took forever to bring our cocktail order...he reeked of cigarettes all throughout the evening (possibly had 3 cigaretted in a span of 2 hours). The food...when did this place become ""I have to give you the portions the size of Kentucky since all the patrons are asking for it!"" No refinement; grilled mozarella appetizer could have fed four; seafood entree was like slop - mountains of linguini with oversized scallops (perhaps the size and not the taste justified $30 price), horrible tiramisu that looked like it had been refrozen. The waiter brought the most expensive glass of merlot on the by-the glass menu. Not good. Overall - not a place to remember. And the valet drivers kept walking through the dining room into the kitchen>>>?????

To top off an over-priced and underwhelming meal when the valet returned my car it was damaged. I brought this to the attention of the Johnny's general manager, Andy Lowry who agreed that the Johnny's was liable. According to Andy the owner Joe Santosuosso said he would cover the damage that totaled $900. That was 3 months ago - they continue to tell me that ""the check is in the mail"". Don't trust Joe or Andy and take your dinning dollars to another restaurant where you will find better service, more carefully prepared meals and more ethical and honest owners/management.

Went to Johnny's with a group for a night out on the town. Most of the dinners were delivered cold and service was nothing to brag about. I ordered a fillet cooked medium. What I received was a cold and very rare steak - not what I was expecting for what is proclaimed to be one of Cleveland's top restaurants. I can think of many that that are better than Johnny's.

I Think This Is One of The Best Resturants In Cleveland the Food Is Exceptional I Have Been There Many Times And They Have The Best Oysters, Softshell Crab , Veal Chops, Pasta, Steaks That You Can Find Anywhere, The Decorating Is Very Elegant , The Service is Great, You Will Not Find Anything Better. Danielle Bliss

For Cleveland Restaurant Week a friend and I decided to try Johnny's Downtown, as neither of us had ever been there. Obviously we had a limited menu to choose from, but that was fine with us because the food was fantastic. We both had scallops with fennel for an appetizer, which was delicious. The scallops were perfectly cooked and just melted in my mouth. For our entrees I had osso bucco and my friend had pan seared grouper, both of which were very good. I also felt that the amount of food I had, considering osso bucco is so filling, was really generous. I couldn't even finish it because I wanted to make sure I had room for dessert. I shouldn't have bothered. We both order warm chocolate gateau, but afterwards wished we'd ordered the tiramisu. The cake reminded me of a grocery store brownie. Not the upscale bakery kind, the dry, flavorless ones. And they were on the verge of being burnt. What a let down. Sad that such a great meal ended on such a low note.

Avoid this one like the plague....overpriced, back of the house has no clue as to a proper presentation, front of the house treats you like a beggar.

Not one steak on the menu...very curious

Food was equal to the service. My meal came slopped into the center of the plate, a guest's pasta choice seemed to have been frozen and barely thawed.

Waiter had to be the worst...taken way too much with himself, and the word slow doesn't do his service (or lack there of) justice. In a GOOD restaurant he would be fired after the first night.

The Johnny's staff (other than our great waiter) made a terrible first impression on all of us, and I won't be returning.

Aside from that issue, they were flabbergasted when we walked in without a reservation (even though there was only one other couple in the entire restaurant when we arrived at 11:30AM). The service was slow, though the waiter was a nice guy. The food quality was not very good. My seafood pasta had way too much sauce and was too decadent. Lunch prices were very good, and portion sizes were acceptable.

I went there with a group of co-workers for lunch. We had a restaurant-com gift certificate. The certificate clearly stated it is valid with the purchase of two entrees (we bought 6 entrees). When we tried to use the gift certificate, Johnny's refused to accept it. They explained that an ""entree"" is for dinner ONLY and this was restaurant-com's mistake for not stating that. This was unacceptable.....we are the customer, and it was our first time at Johnny's.....they should have figured out some way to make us happy. They did give us a couple tiny slices of cake for the 6 of us to share, which was a nice gesture but not enough to make us want to go back to Johnny's again.

i have been dining at Johnny's Downtown for almost 15 years. It is still my favorite place in Cleveland to dine when I want elegant surroundings, service and food. My all time favorite is the long bone veal chop--it is so outstanding, it is hard for me to settle for anything else on the excellent menu. Joe and Paul and their staff are hands on and it shows in the dependable quality. If you are looking for bargains, look elsewhere. If you want the best, this is still it.