Italian Restaurants deal by Maxi's Ristorante - Cleveland, OH

Italian Restaurants deal by Maxi's Ristorante - Cleveland, OH

The Best frickin Food ever!!!!! I love the food and love the rude service even more!!!! It's the original Dick's Last Resort, but with AMAZING FOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wandering around Little Italy on a Friday evening, a hungry diner has a myriad of choices. Lured into Maxi's by a fond memory of Chilean sea bass served with fiddlehead ferns, my companion and I stepped in. We were greeted promptly, and waited while a table was cleared for us. We were seated, then waited 10 minutes for someone to greet us and get drinks. The restaurant was half empty. After being treated to the soothing sounds of two of the staff arguing over who had washed more glasses that evening, finally our waiter appeared with our drinks. I had to ask for the specials (they did sound wonderful), but by this time I was unwilling to spend $30 dollars on an entree only to be ignored every time a tipsy coed walks in the door. The menu is overpriced for the service level.

It is : What there is to do.

The fried mozzarella cheese served in this unbelievable tomato sauce makes me weak. I even loved the golden calamari (I don't usually) it was delicate and crispy, also served with this incredible red sauce. And, I have to admit that I am a lifelong pizza lover, the Maxi's pizza is my favorite of all time, anywhere!!! My friends and I have been seen at Maxi's for a couple years now, the food is amazingly consistent. The atmosphere is comfortably sophisticated, moody, electic. You could see anyone there, I have, I love it.


Requested water. One glass was served.. Forgot the others. Warm bread came 30 minutes later. Dinner arrived at 9:10. Forgot the cheese. Requested a spaghetti spoon. Sugar spoon arrived awaiting other to be washed. The food was tasty but overpriced . I will not be going back.

Saturday Night, Dinner reservation at 7:30 for 4. Seated promply. No atmosphere. Terrible service.

Tried again the other night. Waitress said we had to order appetizer and entry at the same time! Cooks insisted on it! We asked about the special. She said it was $26. She repeated it. When bread was brought but there was no usual olive oil/cheese. Waitress said it cost too much ($50 a can) and would only bring it out if insisted. Special was good...which we split. Waitress brought bill and had special at $34!! We both told her she said $26. She argued and said I shouldn't have said anything since now she would charge me extra $5 for splitting the meal! She ran my credit card and charged us $39 for the special! We told her we would not be back. She could care less and said have a nice weekend. We will never, ever be back! Be forewarned! They haven't changed!

Went there before and had waitress abandon us mid meal to drink beer at the bar. Had to get our own drinks and pay bill at the bar. Bartender was rude when we left a small tip for poor service.

I can't really review Maxi's because after waiting for a half hour we still hadn't received our drinks or appetizer course. I can tell you, though, we did witness some gems. We were spoken to VERY rudely after inquiring with the bartender regarding our drinks so we decided to leave. While walking back to our table to gather our things we heard a server emphatically exclaiming to her guest ""Sir, I've already apologized to you 5 or 6 times, what do you want me to do?!"" as another server slammed her hand into the wall and screamed at the cooks ""I told you 5 ^%#!@*( times I need balsamic vinnaigrette!!!"" Dysfunctional yet entertaining, but it wasn't worth a half hour of my time.