Chinese Restaurants deal by China Dynasty - Columbus, OH

I go weekly with a co-worker, and enjoy the lovely, delicious food. I would highly recommend, and lunch prices are unbeleivable. Great food for a reasonable price, and good service as well

I frequent this restaurant. Excellent food, decor & won't be disappointed

Their buffet on Sunday is always kept well stocked and the food does not sit long at all as it is always busy and so the food turns over quickly.

The waiters and the owner there are really rude. The food is not good. Bad experience. Not recommended.

When I went there with my friend the other day, we ordered two dishes. It took them more than 30 minutes to get the dishes ready. I don't think they were busy at that time, because there are very few people eating. Plus, the food is not any better than the other cheaper chinese restaurants in town.

very bad experience. horrible food, very greasy. The service is slow and the waiters are hard to understand.

The food is so so. The cashier, an old chinese lady, is the rudest person I've ever met. She shouted, literally, at us.

simply bad.

If you don't see it on the menu they will make it for you.

We have never had bad service. The food is always fresh and delicious. The Sunday buffet a great value with high end selections you do not find at other places.

Great food and the staff is like family to me, I've been going here occasionally for over 10 years and I just LOVE the place!! I'd highly recommend it to all my friends and family..


going here for years good food.

I have been getting chinese dinners from this restaurant for years. They used to provide high-quality food, but not anymore. These days they are hit-or-miss. I have ordered one of two dinners over the years - chicken fried rice and chicken with vegetables (w/steamed or fried rice). Lately they seem to be having a problem with the fried rice. During the past year the chicken fried rice was fine as long as you didn't order it in the evening. In the evening is has a ""bottom of the wok"" quality - greasy, dark fried rice. Today (April 10, 2012) I ordered chicken fried rice around 4pm and it was inedible - greasy and foul-tasting, a sad replacement for what used to be a great-tasting dinner. As far as the chicken w/vegetables dish, I stopped ordering that a long time ago - the vegetables used to be crunchy and delicious but became soggy and sad. I'm not someone that likes to roll the dice when choosing dinner. My, how the mighty have fallen. I'm getting my chinese dinners from a more predictable restaurant from now on.