Chinese Restaurants deal by China Phoenix - Columbus, OH

Chinese Restaurants deal by China Phoenix - Columbus, OH

Hadn't been here in awhile. It was Sat evening. Parking lot was quite full so the food must still be good. Everything about this visit was good. We were there around 5 so there were plenty of tables. I noticed that of the people that were there most of them were older. So the food must be good...or real cheap. Well the food was very good and the prices while not in line with the take-out places were reasonable. We had a coupon from entertainment book which helped. I ordered the General Tsos chicken COOKED TO ORDER! I didn't want the breading so they left it off. My wife had Triple Delight and it was very good also. As we sat there the restaraunt started to fill up. Mostly older people. Most tables are white tablecloth but some booths without. The waitress was very helpful. Good meal all around.

The food here is wonderful - if there is something you like that is NOT on the menu, ASK they will make it for you. I was in the mood for Sesame Chicken the last time, which was not on the menu.. I thought I would ask, and the server said he could get it for me. And let me tell you, it was the BEST! My friend wanted her General Tso's a little extra spicy and she got hers as well. Service is fast and very friendly.. highly recommended!!

I love this resturant so much. During both my pregnancies I was there at least twice a week. All I know is one thing, this place ever shut down, I don't know what I'll do!!!!

distressed regular patron ( a middle-aged white women dining alone) who shared her observations of seeing illegal activities taking place in the bar--and too has seen the decline of the restaurant. I ask myself, why would management permit its long time regular customers to experience such dissatisfaction? Well, I won't be back there now I'm off to my new find...The China Bell in Grove City...a wonderfully clean restaurant with excellent service and great food!

I have been a regular (2-3 time) weekly customer since 1992. On July 8, 2008, I made a conscious decision to stop patronizing this restaurant due to a drastically changing clientele that has become so disturbing that I no longer enjoy a quiet meal there. The management appears to now be catering to a ""neighborhood"" bar crowd that echoes throughout the dining room with fowl language, boisterous conversation and questionable activities. In addition, the food as become somewhat inconsistent in quality; yet the menu prices have increased; the service fair at best; and the cleanliness and upkeep of the restaurant often not good--especially the restrooms. My last several visits were quite disturbing as I walked into a dining room full of uncleared tables with one waitress or waiter serving while management only stood by without assisting to help. Frankly, I cannot believe this is happening at this place. I approached the owner about the noise coming from the bar--he seemingly was disconcerned. The last night there, Wednesday July 9, 2008, I was not only witness to a bar fight (do you believe a Chinese restaurant?) but to another

I have been eating here for a few years now and I along with many others just come to get their chicken wings. You haven't had a wing til you've had the spicy wings at the China Pheonix!!!

I have been eating here for years and I just love them....they have by far the BEST egg rolls EVER, I can't find any place that can come close to them....TRY THEM won't be sorry

I have to agree with AnthonyCapretta about his concerns regarding their sudden and ever growing list of these new regular clienteles. It use to be such a peaceful dining environment one I use to enjoy and look forward to. Their food is amazing-everyone I've ever taken there absolutely loves the food but sadly the food is not great enough to where I would endure the uncomfortable and boisterous environment. The service is alright but not up to par like it used to be. I highly recommend the food but do yourself a favor, avoid the dining experience and do carry-out instead.

My wife and I went there Saturday evening. Price for 2 entrees, hot tea, and soup was $23. There was plenty of chicken in my dish and the broccoli was plentiful in my wife veggie delight. However, I ordered chicken vegetable with brown sauce, I my entree was swimming in white sauce. I sent it back, instead of making me a new entree, like good restaurants do, they placed my entree back in the wok, put some brown sauce in and brought it back to my table. I ate it anyway, that is a me problem but both my wife and I have the headache and stomach upset that goes along with MSG . I will say that China Phoenix has many regulars and is in what can be best described as a working class neighborhood. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOWEVER, I WILL NEVER EAT THERE AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. IN THIS LIFETIME OR THE NEXT. Try Billy Lee or China Gourmet on the East side. China Dynasty or Joey Changs out west.

At the end, i thought this restaurant can be compared to ""El Vaquero"" near Upper Arlington. The foods excellent, the service is outstanding, and the enviroment is just exciting. I summed everything up,in my opinion and the experience i have with Columbus, Ohio:no doubt ""China Phoenix"" is one of the busiest restaurants in Columbus.

I then sat down, ate their famous chicken wings, which i thought was one of the best wings i have ever had. Tried the zombie, that the waiters were recommending me, and was delicious. For the main course, i tried the General Tso's chicken, with white rice. This was extremely good, with the companion of the sweet sauce glazed over the chicken.

This was on a typical friday night, and for many restaurants, this is a busy day for them. But as i walked through the doors of China Phoenix, i have never seen such a crowd in my entire 20 years of restaurant experience. People were standing and waiting for they're carry-out, there was a abundance of people were crowded near the bar, and especially the dinning rooms.

I travel around to different states, trying different cultural foods. I landed myself upon ""China Phoenix"" a chinese restaurant in the east side of Columbus, Ohio.


I am giving a 1 start because it does not let me select no stars.

We ended up throwing alway about 90% of what we bought and we will not go back there.

So we gave it a try as carryout. The food was ready promptly, but the food was not what we expected. It looks as they prepared one of our meals, they burnt the oil or something and used the same pan for the rest. The food did not taste fresh and it was greasy.

I am originally from New York City and have eaten at plenty chinese restaurants there, Boston and all around. I have been looking for a good chinese restaurant around Groveport Ohio when I found reviews talking about this restaurant and saying it is great.

So I got a gift certificate for my birthday and decided to go back. I called to make sure that I was going to be able to use a portion of the certificate and be able to use the rest. The person on the phone told me they would just give me change and that was that. It then took two transfers to get my order placed. So I go to get my food and the woman helping me can't find her card to get into the computer. She then can't work the calculator to give me change. Then she begins to write on the certificate the balance. I explained the conversation that I had on the phone and she asks me who I spoke to. I told her I didn't know. She got upset with me and told me that this is how it works. I told her I was fine with it. I get home and the food is not as good as I remember. I now wish I had gotten cash back so I don't have to ever go there again. Save your money and go somewhere else.

Ok so this used to be my favorite place for Chinese (I stopped going two years ago.). As a former NYer it is the closest good chinese food that I can find in Ohio. I stopped going because the clientele outright sucks. It is loud and obnoxious and the management doesn't seem to care about its other customers.

Not to mention they hire illegal immigrants for the kitchens.

Terrible restaurant. Food quality has really gone downhill, the clientele are all super ghetto and treat it like a bar, the owners are unqualified and unknowladgable, and the the managers are unhelpful.

Only restraunt i'll travel across town to eat asian or take out period!

The food was very well prepared with generous portions. The waitstaff was attentive as well. As very nice dinning experience.

Nice older place. Staff is wonderful which really adds to the experience. My daughter had the Pork Fried Rice, very good nice taste and not dry. I had the Pork egg foo young, paties were nice size for a lunch portion and tasted wonderful.The sauce was somewhat bland I wish I had ordered it on the side like I usually do. I also had the Wanton soup, very good ( see photo). The area around Eastland was the place to go when I was in high school. It has been on the decline for years but this place is a little gem in the area. I will be back.