Chinese Restaurants deal by Eastern Bay - Columbus, OH

From the first greeting at the door til your exit this is truly a pleasurable experience. The food is great tasting, comes in good portion size, reasonably priced and is delivered with a smile. We felt like we were ""old customers"" from the first time we experienced this restaurant. It is family run. With the tradional long variety of menu that is true of most Chinese restaurants. The atmosphere is casual but we would not hesitate to make this a special place to go for a quiet intimate dinner . The wine list isn't extensive but it is adequate and the usual tropical drinks are served. The hours aren't late but on weekends they will seat and serve without rushing

hot food.5 star service,EXCELLENT CHICKEN WINGS

Went there on a Sunday after the buffet rush. First time in. Very clean and seated us right away. Ordered the hot and sour soup - Delicious! Waitress was so nice and FAST! Then had egg roll - and it was super tasty and HOT! All the food we had was so fresh and delivered steaming hot. We ordered spicy beef and a chicken/shrimp combo - you could order brown rice which was a plus - the only downfall was that both dishes had way too much garlic for my taste - so next time will order no garlic - portions were huge. Will Definetely go back! And yes, the owner came out and greeted us and my friend thought I was a regular! haha

This is by far the best chinese food in columbus ohio.The most friendly people and their cooks know how to cook to order so if you like your rice s special way, like my husband then just tell them what you want. You are greeted with a smile and thnak you every time. least for their price range. We found this little gem of a place while we were getting ripped off by Midas, right next door. It's on the west side of Riverside, just south of Lane Ave. Entering the 'Bay, all the workers are friendly, the evening atmosphere is dark, quiet, and perfect for conversation. I know what many people think about Chinese food, but let me tell you, they DO use real chicken, beef, and pork. The Poo Poo appetizer platter is our favorite, with thick & tender pork ribs, spring rolls, large breaded shrimp, and chicken wings. You get two of each on a 15"" platter, and it has a mini hibachi grill in the center to sear the food! Delightful! Have this with a Mai Tai and your stomach will be roaring for General Tso's (choice of hot or not), sweet sour chicken or shrimp, or lo mein. Don't like a la carte? The Sunday buffet is always fresh and has you coming back for more, even against your will. You can't go wrong with anything here. I've been eating here for 10 years, and the quality never once drifted. And because of the family atmosphere, this place is set apart from chains like PF Chang's. I ALMOST don't want to write this review for fear of the restaurant becoming over crowded, the food is just that good!