Chinese Restaurants deal by Fortune Chinese Restaurant - Columbus, OH

This place has the best eggrolls in town. When we go, the waitress recognizes us and puts in our eggroll order before she even comes to our table, now this is what i call service. Kim is an excellent waitress and will tend to all your needs.

By far my favorite in town! Kim, the best waitress I have ever met, knows exactly what I want to order, and makes sure everything is perfect each time I visit Fortune. The best thing there is the 'Eight-Treasure Fun Sea Soup""... Get the small, as it feeds two more than enough! Great Hunan Deluxe, Happy Family, and Moo Goo Gai Pan.

This is truly, overall the best Chinese food in all of Columbus. My dad and his friend both work at the College of Pharmacy @ OSU and have been going there every Friday for lunch for years. My financee and I now eat there as well. Kim always brings out the award winning Hot and Sour Soup for me, my dad and my finacee before we even order. She knows it is our fav. I highly reccommend to everyone to eat there at least once and try the Hot and Sour Soup; that alone will keep you coming back for more. Also, they have a Dim Sum menu and it is the best this side of NYC's China Town I have ever had. Thanks to Kim the best waitress there and to the cooks at Fortune for making each time a delight and pleasure.

I have been going to Fortune since I was a little girl. I am sure to take all of my friends there for real Chinese food and experience. Susan is the best as is the Eight Treasure Fun Sea Soup!!! Cant say enough good things about it!

You will enjoy Columbus' best carry-out Chinese food if you: (1) Always ask the person who takes your order to repeat your order, witherwise, be prepared to get Beef noodle instead of Seafood noodle. Either one is delicious; it just may NOT be the right one for your taste today. (2) Always open all the boxes and check your food before leaving the restaurant. By doing so may save you another 20 min driving back to exchange the Tofu you get for the Fish that you really ordered. (3) Always check if your order went through 20 min before you want to pick them up. There is about 10% of chance that it won't go through properly. (4) Have something to do (play a PSP or NDS game) while waiting at the checkout counter. It take about 5 min to have somebody finally show up there.

Wow was that just the most disappointing meal I think I'ver ever had. We found it on this site and it had a great rating, tried it out and found the food bland and the quality of ingreadients sub par. I'm not looking for gourmet but no chicken bones would be good. We had Seazuane Chicken and Hunnan Chicken and 2 egg roles (the egg roles weren't that bad)

I always enjoy the food here..nothing fancy but good old chinese food. The waitress, Kim is one of the best servers i have ever dealt with,very pleasant and always friendly. Dim Sum is not bad and served everyday and the hong sui fish is really good....aboslutely recommended!!!

Well, this restaurant has been a staple in the city of Columbus since the early 90's. My family used to come here for Dim Sum. Well, you can forget that idea. Since its new ownership the food is so-so. Hopefully it will survive. But if you like spicy, they have the meals for you.