Chinese Restaurants deal by General Tso's Restaurant - Columbus, OH

However the service was good and the price is very reasonable, so I guess it would do in a pinch.

If you are going to name your restaurant after a dish that is named after a General, that particular plate should be your best offering. After eating here I can honestly say they should change their name to something else. The General Tso's chicken was not even close to the best (for the best you have to drive to Marysville and go to Jerry's House of Hunan - trust me!), it was rather bland with no kick at all.

For the strangest chinese dining experience in columbus go to general tso's. The whole place is run by a doting mother and her son. They dont' have a fountain beverage machine, so if you order a pop take it slow, because the son will bring out a can of coke and open it for you before sitting it on a napkin! When the dish comes out, the son brings it to the table and arranges plastic fork knife and spoon next to the plate for you... It's really funny but the food is pretty good and it's extremely reasonable. I go just to watch the interaction between the two of them though.

General Tso has some of the best oriental dishes in the city. Try the spicy fried smelts and the crispy orange beef. The beef is better when eaten in the restuarant, as it is not crispy be the time you get it home. Good hot & Sour.

This place is a newly discovered favorite of mine. The name is not original at all and the exterior looks kind of shabby, but the food is superior to most Chinese restaurants in Columbus (except Siam). I've sampled many dishes from their menu and all were well made with fresh ingredients. Service was better than average, kind and courteous staff, quick response time.

decided to eat in and called cafe courier. this place in on my zone. wish they would move it to another. there are quality restaurants out there. hunan lion hunan house pacific eatery. this place is the worst

Fast, friendly and delicious!!