Chinese Restaurants deal by Happy Dragon - Columbus, OH

Happy Dragon has great food for a great price and the service is always quick and friendly. My husband and I eat there about once a week and we have never been disappointed! I reccomend the Veggie Lo Mein. It is great!

I've been eating Happy Dragon's food for years, and have had my share of Chinese food in many cities across the USA. I can honestly report that Happy Dragon's food holds its own with some of the best. For the money, you can't beat this place. Yes, the ambience is so-so, and the service is on styrofoam, but give it a try. This is a carryout place, first and foremost, so take their food home and servie it on your fine china.

Our foods come out very fast, Very friendly. Do order a small, Is alots. Try the PadThai and Hot and Sour Soup.

I have eaten at this restaurant twice between work and class and will not be stopping here again. The sweet and sour chicken has an ok sauce, but the breaded chicken itself was much too heavy and tasted like it sat in grease all day before it was fried. I gave it another shot this week and the shrimp with vegetables was mediocre, but had absolutely no flavor. I would not recommend this restaurant unless you are starving and there is nothing else open in the area.

I'm no Chinese food expert, but the TSO is good, the portions are big, the prices fair and the service good. I wouldn't drive downtown just for it, but when I'm in the area I stop.

What!?! I love this restaurant. No, if you're looking for something classy and an evening out, it's not that kind of place. But this is more of a lunch or quick dinner fast-food Chinese place, and it's the best one in Columbus. Well, I think it's on par with Nong's in Grandview. It's inexpensive and the food and style is good, like their wonton soup has fresh vegetables and shrimp in it. Most other fast chinese places only has wonton and clear broth. I prefer Thai or Vietnamese food over Chinese because Chinese foods tend to be more bland, but Happy Dragon is decent, check it out!

Great that it is cheap and fast but if the taste is just not right .... so I hope to find another place soon.

A a Chinese Food lover I was trilled to discover this place near my new apartment. The first time I tried their food I was very disappointed, their fried rice had sort of burned taste, comparable with the taste of over heated oil. I went three times back to check it again, and again each time the same ....

If you are craving Chinese with a kick go to Happy Dragon and order the Hunan Chicken. After trying several different Chinese take-out restaurants around town I can say with confidence that they have the best in Columbus! Beware though as it may be too spicy for some people. The egg rolls are great as is the sticky white rice. I have only tried one other dish (General Tso chicken with fried rice) and did not care for it as it is made with dark meat. The fried rice is okay but is not outstanding.

Only problem is that if you are craving chinese and live in German Village, your options are this and??

not a great place here, sorry to say. I'd say it's no different than any average chinese take out place. Nothing stands out, kind of bland, not very authentic.

The food takes no time to cook and costs just as much as an adult meal from a fast food joint but much tastier and healthier.

I understand people that complained might have an acquired taste for Chinese food but I like Happy Dragon.

Good food, good service, great price.

We just recently moved to German Village and I was craving Chinese. We didn't really feel like driving all over creation so we decided to check out Happy Dragon in our neighborhood. This is a combination fast food, takeout and sit down place. We ate in, but there were a ton of people coming in to grab takeout orders. We had the crab rangoon and eggroll for appetizer. The rangoon was just OK - not bad, but nothing to get excited about. The egg roll was tasty but a little overdone. For entrees we had the Happy Dragon seafood dish and Spicy Szcechuan chicken. Maybe palates here are more sensitive, but neither me nor my husband found the spicy dish to be anywhere near spicy. Flavorful though. The Happy Dragon was good, again, nothing to get excited about. All in all, it was worth the price and we came home with tons of leftovers. We'll try them again, probably for takeout.

Overall, the restaurant is a delicious, fast, and cheap place to eat. If you have a problem with the food, they'd be more than happy to fix it for you so you get a good meal.

The delivery service is a little weird though, so I asked them about it. They don't deliver to residential areas because they only want to look out for the safety of their drivers. They do deliver to the hospitals around the area along with the big businesses and hotels. If you're a business person or in a hospital and you have a large group to feed, Happy Dragon also does large catering orders if you so choose.

If not getting enough flavor out of spicy foods and whatnot, you can always ask for a different sauce or ask for it to be a little more spicy. Everyone there would be more than happy to do that for you.

Also, many people only see the menu presented above the cash register. What most people don't know is that there is a secret Chinese menu that is full of so many more delectable dishes. All you have to do is ask to see the Chinese menu and ask the person who is taking your order to explain it real fast.

While things may be a little oily at times, it's all on the respective chefs that cook the meal. All you have to do is ask for less oil.

I have been to Happy Dragon for many many years now. The people that run it, Peter and Rio are fantastic people who only want to serve good food at a good price to everyone. The prices are great with large portions and fast service. They don't make much money off of every dish because of the high quality fresh vegetables that they get constantly and the good meats; they just want to serve the community with quality food.

We will eat @ Dragon 1 from now on!!!!!!

From this moment on I will warn everyone I know. Do not trust the driver-He lied and pocketed the money .

By accident I overpaid the driver $20.00. I called Happy Dragon right away. Of course the driver denies it. Knowing the security guards in the lobby also heard him asking me if I was sure. I will never do business again with dishonest people. Knowing I had given a $5.00 tip.


Cashier/order taker isn't very friendly at all. Matter of fact she stares you down as you approach the counter. Fried rice has no color or flavor . 2nd time i have been here and treated rudely. Will not be going back..