Chinese Restaurants deal by Hong Kong House - Columbus, OH

The restaurant was very clean and the food was fresh. I was most impressed with the seafood selection. They even had a sushi bar which was good. The service was most acceptable as well. I will eat there again.

Bottom line, $50 down the toilet, end of year celebration ruined and a long standing relationship with a favorite restaurant is broken. Sadly the owner couldn't just do the right thing by one of his long standing, supportive, and recognized, customer families. Based on the handling of the situation, we are doubtful to return.

Even worse was the owner's (Ghi-Guan Zheng) response in need of ""proof"" via a doctor's visit ($20 deductible times 5? Please...) that it was his establishment's food. I described the cashier (and little boy doing math homework about time), and she remembered our family being in this evening and as one that visits on Sundays. A scam on our part? Not at all. Manager Don Miller, a ""stuck in the middle"" guy, was polite but non-effective however, as the owner ranted on about going back to Hong Kong in the background of the phone call.

Regular weekend lunch customer (family of 5 every Sunday after church) and usually have a good experience. Took the family there around 5:00 p.m. for a celebratory end of school dinner and ate food that didn't seem as fresh, as hot and as enjoyable. 3 of the 5 of us experienced violent nausea/diarrhea within the early evening. Not good.