Chinese Restaurants deal by Hunan House Gourmet Chinese - Columbus, OH

They have gone down hill- save your time and money.

They don't seem to care about their food quality or customer service.

Poor service-no attempt to fix the situation. Two dishes 12.95 each- rip off

Cold food, gummy chicken, re-heated beef, and old seafood

For Columbus, this place was very good. Very authentic Chinese fair--I especially liked the salt and pepper crispy shrimp. Our server was very prompt and friendly. Definitely recommended.

I love the hunan triple with the spicy triple delight sauce! sooooo good! Also, the sizzling rice soup is a delight! Just be ready to pay a pretty penny.. I'd say about $30-40 per person for dinner. Enjoy!

Disgusted, we told the waiter that we were cancelling our order cause there were too many insects around our food. The lady waitress then said, ""oh it's ok. Those are just fruit flies"" She said it like we should just eat like we didnt notice it. After telling her two more times that we were cancelling our order, she brought the manager over. When we explained to him why we were cancelling everything, he said ""oh they are just fruit flies!!"" And no sooner than he said that, a gnat flew on the table. And the manager not only killed the bug on our table,HE SMEARED THE REMAINS away as if he was doing us a favor!!!! So with a streak of dead bug on our table, it was time for us to go. I paid for the appetizer because we ate it, but those workers there are acting as if the flying bugs are part of the experience! They were way too comfortable with it, and I and my friends were way too disgusted. Next time there is an inspection, don't give them a heads-up!! and we will see if they really get a green sticker.

So I go in there, and is seated with my company. It actually looks quite nice inside. The waiter was nice at first, and everything was moving around smoothly. After the all went south. We noticed a gnat flying around, which we blew off cause hey it happens. Next thing you know, another gnat dives right into our sweet and sour sauce! Stomachs were more than turned over when we then noticed gnats all over our drinks!!!!!