Chinese Restaurants deal by Imperial Garden Restaurant - Columbus, OH

Like all over Chinese, they serve the americanized Chinese food. But you GOT to stop in on the weekend's to try their morning buffet! It's about $10 per but it will be well worth it. Classic chinese breakfast on one side & good Chinese lunch on the other.

Family owned and operated, the clientele of Imperial Garden is mostly Chinese students / staff from OSU, and Chinese ex pats, all who demand good food. Imperial Garden does offer typical Americanized food for the unadventurous, but once you try the Chinese menu with its authentic flavors you'll never go back. Half of the menu is in English, the back serves other options in Chinese. Ask for translations and recommendations, you can't go wrong. They also serve hotpot with an array of items to choose from and two traditional broths (one dangerously spicy hot, one not), but come hungry and bring friends, it can be a lot of food! If you are lucky late on the weekends you may catch some great singing, but be courteous: the Chinese take their karaoke very seriously. The weekend buffet is fabulous and reasonably priced with items from the typical menu and other buffet-only items. Buffet includes a wide array of dishes, noodles, multiple soups, dumplings, even freshly made sweet soy milk and chewy buns. Some items are favorites with the regulars, so watch what others select if unsure. On the busiest buffet days items are scooped up as fast as they are placed on the warming carts, but they do replenish. The restaurant's large tables easily accommodates big groups. While buffet periods are crowded, the rest of the week always assures easy seating. As with most good Chinese food establishments, don't expect a romantic decor, expect great home style food.

The service of the restaurant is amazing. always there to fit your needs. Great family owned business. The food is to die for. Authentic chinese food at a very reasonable price. If you go there ask about Fried Did. Its my favorite meal.