Chinese Restaurants deal by Joy's Village - Columbus, OH

This is one of my favorite places to eat. The food is great and cheep. Try their noodle soups but beware: they are huge. People who serve there are probably the owners. They hardly speak English but it is not a problem because they are very very nice and would do anything to please the clients. Most clients are students of various races. I like to go there with friends to enjoy good conversations in casula atmosphere. This is not a fancy place by any means but the menu is endless, and the food is superb and fresh. In addition, they would be glad to prepare for you something else if you have special preferences. You can take it for home if you do not like the atmosfere.

the food was very authentic but the best thing was how friendly the people running the restaurant were.. they kept my glass of water full and a smile on their face!! only complaint is my gf did not get enough chicken in her meal!!