Chinese Restaurants deal by Pacific Eatery & Catering - Columbus, OH

The food is very good. All the ingredients are really fresh and cooked to perfection with a unique asian flare! The service is fast and the food arrives piping hot! I would highly recommend everything on the menu!

You've passed by it so many times and never noticed it.... If you're going to try it, you mustn't deprive yourself of the crispy walnut prawn or chicken w/mala bean. My party never orders anything else. Why experiment when you've found something completely satisfying?

Great Food! Large quantites!Fast and good service. Recommend to anyone who enjoys real Chinese at cheap prices.

I've never had upscale Chinese, but for a joint you can just walk into anytime and under 16$ dinner entrees, this is by far the best Chinese ive had in Columbus. The only think I would imagine complaining about is how large the portions are, lol. I don't like wasting food, and some of the dishes you could easily split with someone. No, but I love this place. Pad Thai was phenomenal. The people here are super friendly also and its a great value for lunch and dinner. Kind of an odd location, ( I usually don't eat at restaurants in strip malls and shopping centers) , but this is a new staple of mine and i wouldnt get Chinese anywhere else, ever.