Chinese Restaurants deal by Peking Dynasty - Columbus, OH

This place is really good. It feels like you are at a fancier place than you really are. Everyone here is super friendly all the time. The food isn't incredibly specail, but there isn't anything wrong with it either. I've had way worse Chinese around Columbus. Great value on everything. Like the wonton soup for only $1.50, and it's a big bowl with a lot in it! I usually get General Tso's over fried rice, and I love it. Very nice setting, and when it's empty I like how they privately seat us instead of putting us directly next to a table of two when there is 20 open tables; I hate it when places do that. I come once a week, and love it. Very consistent.

unfortuntly its closing in a few months, and the owners are going to buy a much larger restaurant, very sad, amazing 14 years of chinese dishes, and go there if anyone has a chance, before it closes.

We love this chinese restaurant. We recently moved out of Grandview and still come back to it. The food is extremely reliable. Always tastes good, take out is always quick, portions are large, prices are very reasonable. My favorite thing about this place is that it's never busy. YOu never wait for a table. Great if you have a group to dine with. THe owner and her husband are very nice. I'm not sure if they remember me but they are always friendly.This will always be our #1 Chinese restaurant!

My father, who grew up just outside of New York City and lived there until he was in his early 30s, is highly critical of any Chinese restaurant we go to that isn't in NYC. Even when we go back to New York, he never feels they're as good as they used to be. So the fact that he feels Peking Dynasty is comparable to those great Chinese restaurants of his young adulthood is a huge compliment. I don't think we've had a single bad dish there, and my friends and family and I have sampled their menu pretty extensively. Bonus: For vegetarians like my sister-in-law (or for those trying to be a little more healthy), they're willing to make pretty much any meat dish with tofu instead, and they've even added my old standby (General Tso's Tofu) to the official menu. Also, I think my boyfriend is addicted to their spring rolls (he'll routinely order half a dozen or more at a time). Their prices are very reasonable, the dining room is attractive, service is quick (never have to wait more than 10 minutes for carryout orders!), and the owner and employees are courteous and friendly. This is one of my favorite restaurants in the whole city, and considering how many great restaurants Columbus has to offer, that's saying something!

Very good "old school" Chinese restaurant. This old place reminds me of Chinese restaurants from the 1970's - large booths - bar in the back - restrooms at each end of the room. The food is very good and is very reasonably priced. Want take-out? Just walk-in, pick up a menu, place an order and have a seat - in less than 10 minutes you'll be on your way. The manager is very nice and will make your dish to order.

Had the most delicious lunch. Been enjoying Chinese food for most my adult life. This was like tasting food for the first time. Ambrosia. Jeff was an amazing server. Highly recommend