Chinese Restaurants deal by Rice Bowl Restaurant - Columbus, OH

* Family Owned Since 1981 * Dine In Or Carry Out * Liquor Available Except Sundays

The service can-and probably will be-improved but the food is a must-have to me!

We went there for dinner one night and I was both annoyed with slow service and amazed with the taste of food and humongous portions.

They have great food in good-sized portions but don't ask for extra lemon for your water, extra sauce or extra anything because they like to charge for everything little thing. I was surprised they didn't charge me to use their bathroom. Lets see, it was 25 cents per lemon slice so it probably would've been 25 cents per toilet paper sheet. LOL!!!!!

Great food and Great Service, staff is very attentive. Food is prepared authentically by a skilled kitchen staff. New dining room design looks very nice too.

Good food, this is true, but very unfriendly. I have been there 5 times within the last 3 months and each time the owner/manager has been very unfriendly. She will not speak and not acknowledge our presence in the restaurant, but will got to every table and check on how their food was and such. Why, I wondered. But after the 5th time, I did not care why because I will no longer give that establishment my money or time. And I will send my friends and family to another Chinese good place for good food AND good service. This place gives ONE STAR customer service.

As for the food, it is the best in town short of having an Asian relative cooking it personally for you. Each time I have had to ask for a take-home box because the portions are LARGE.

I'm not sure what the issues were with these other people. Every time I have been there the staff has been friendly and more than happy to explain a dish if you ask (politely). They have been attentive and even filling my glass before I asked.