Chinese Restaurants deal by Sun Tong Luk Asian Cuisine - Columbus, OH

4. Service. There is no wait staff just a counter that you get your food at. Best here is the kicker. Every time Im in there, the owner makes sure to get my name and use it often. I always feel welcome, like they have known me forever. They make me feel like their best customer, which Im sure Im not). This Service is wonderful and ranked a 10 in my book.

3. Atmosphere. The place is more set up for take out. It has some table which you or a family would be able to sit in and be comfortable. It is very plain and I could almost say it is devoid of character.

2. Price. $ 5-10 Dollars depending on what you get. I would say it is very standard pricing.

1. Food. They have all the traditional things that you would want in an American type Asian/Chinese restaurant. The Owner makes a Hot and Sour that she has been making for over 20 years. Has a Great Dim Sum menu, dont be afraid to try it out, I would recommend the Su Mai or the BBQ Pork Buns, both very good but not big enough to make a meal.

Everything on the menu is good and the chefs are really vegetarian savvy. The restaurant itself is small and clean but it's not the destination for those seeking ambiance or a romantic dinner. It's clearly more intended for take-out. The owner is a delight. She's very friendly and will greet you by name when you pick up.