Chinese Restaurants deal by Szechuan Cottage - Columbus, OH

I *love* their family style tofu. This is a little mom -n- pop chinese restaurant that got displaced north of campus due to the campus partners renovations. DON'T eat in. The cleanliness leaves something to be desired, but the food if FABULOUS!

I got General Tso's for take-out. It was in a huge container, so I thought I got a great deal. But when I got home, I saw a few clumps of chicken and a pittance of white rice. All for $8. Too much for too little. And the flavor wasn't extraordinary, either.

I've been getting Chinese here for several years. I usually get it delivered, but I have been in the restaurant a few times and it always appears very clean. I also checked on the city website and they have passed all inspections unlike a lot of other Chinese restaurants in the campus area. The husband and wife that run the restaurant are also very nice and I've always had him deliver the food when I order it for delivery. I've never been disappointed with my food either. It is always hot and I can usually make two meals out of the dinner sized portion. Sometimes it may take a little longer than an hour for delivery, but it usually is under an hour.